Fortune Garden


4245 BELMONT AVE, YOUNGSTOWN, OH, 44505-1003

Type:Full service



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Being a restaurant opened in 2005, Fortune Garden, a dine-in and take-out restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio, has been winning over the locals with its palatable food and attentive service. After Minghui Chen took over the restaurant, she created a space where her customers could enjoy traditional Asian culture while at the same time feel at home. She repainted the building’s exterior and transformed the dining room with beautiful Asian ornaments, traditional colors, and soothing lighting from lanterns hung from the ceiling. The outcome is one of warmth and romance.
According to Mrs. Chen, “The highlight of our restaurant is our healthy style of cooking.” The experienced chefs are well-versed in preparing healthy dishes—by boiling or steaming—that are flavorful and attractive. Mrs. Chen and her staff believe that the long-lasting benefits of healthy eating are something that should be available to everyone—and flavorfully at that.
The most popular dishes are the Mongolian Chicken, a dish stir fried with fresh onions, scallions, and chicken; Honey Walnut Shrimp, a unique creation made with Fortune Garden’s homemade white Queen sauce and fresh broccoli topped with crumbled walnuts; Dragon & Phoenix, a mixture of shrimp and chicken stir fried with vegetables in a black sauce; General Tso’s Chicken, tender and crispy chicken white meat prepared in American favorite; and for dine-in customers, Fortune Garden now offers Teppanyaki.
Fortune Garden offers a wide range of healthy choices for vegetarian. The original tofu-made items, including veggie chicken and beef, are offered nowhere else nearby but Fortune Garden. “We make special trip to New York to order these mock meats. Monotonic vegetarian dishes are no longer only vegetables at our restaurant,” Chen adds.
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