Yi Palace Authentic Chinese Food


4435 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE, 19803-1489

Type:Full service



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Opened in 2008, Yi Palace Authentic Chinese Food is claimed as the first Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food in Delaware. It is a stylish establishment with cozy banquettes and white tablecloths. The lighting is more subdued than similar Chinese restaurants, which goes well with the soothing background music.
Featuring a large selection of Chinese food with an emphasis on authentic Szechuan cuisine, the restaurant offers customers bountiful and tasty choices, including Fish Fillet & Tofu in Hot & Spicy Sauce, and Chicken with Hot Dry Pepper, Seafood Delight with Tofu in Gasserole, Spicy Pork Stew and Salted Fish and Eggplant in Casserole. All the dishes are authentic and cooked in the Szechuan style, using tongue numbing pepper and special homemade sauce.
The Chicken with Hot Dry Pepper and Fish Fillet & Tofu in Hot & Spicy Sauce are two of the highly acclaimed creations. Anyone who hanker of an ambitious culinary expedition could try themselves the thrill of the numbing sensations of Szechuan peppercorns. This interesting experience would be so vivid that it would lead you to a culinary realm of authentic Szechuan cuisine.
In addition, the management always tries to instill their concepts of “dedication to customers” in their daily running. Customers’ requirements are placed as the first priority, and their needs are carefully catered to. There is a team of experienced staff to offer the customers most satisfactory service.
Yi Palace never fails to leave visitors exhausted and narcotized. So why not have a try? 
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