Peking Restaurant


120 Waller Mill Road, Wiliamsburg, VA, 23185-3013


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Peking Restaurant is located in a historic area that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It consists of Chinese, Mongolian grill, Sushi Train, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. Customers are from all walks of life, including tourists, locals, college students, retirees, families, and business people.

The exterior of the restaurant is attractive with decorated windows and statues out front and interior is decorated with a lot of Asian artifacts.

The menu has a lot of different choices, including vegetarian options. The vast majority of people eat off the buffet, which has at least eight stations. There are five different cuisines covered, and it also contains salads and dessert choices as well. The restaurant is characterized by the noodle station where the chef prepares anything patrons want their way. There is also a Mongolian grill where customers can choose the ingredients and the chef will grill them.

Most of the food is delicate and savory. For instance, the Sesame Chicken is cut into two to three bite pieces. It is all white meat, and is in a slightly sweet orange sauce. The chicken is fresh tasting and tender. The orange sauce was not too sweet.

The General Tso's Chicken is in a dark sauce and is spicy. It is all white meat in large chunks. The chicken pieces are moist and flavorful.

The Cashew Chicken is in a light brown sauce with small pieces of chicken and a lot of zucchini. The chicken and vegetables are well cooked with the vegetables still being crisp and the chicken being cooked through but not overdone.

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