Jasmine Chinese Restaurant


60 CHARLES ST, WESTPORT, CT, 06880-5804



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Stepping into Jasmine Chinese Restaurant, you will feel its comfortable and homey ambiance which is created by the classic oriental touches and the neat arrangement of tables and chairs. The soothing music lingering in the house completes the already laid-back atmosphere.
Jasmine also features a gamut of delicious food, ranging from appetiters, soup to entrées with chicken, beef and seafood compositions. Among all the tasty creations, General Chicken and Sesame Chicken are two highly acclaimed dishes. The dexterous chef turns these two seemingly standard dishes into extraordinary inventions. In addition, there are also some Japanese dishes available. 
The friendly staff is a great help to boost the cozy atmosphere. They are knowledgeable to guide the customers through the dazzle of menu items and give useful suggestions.
Jasmine Chinese Restaurant would like to invite you to enjoy the delicacies in a pleasant environment.
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