5820 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA, 50266 

About Our Restaurant

Hy-Vee Chinese Express
"Fresh Food Fast" Freshly prepared by our award winning Chefs right in front of the customer. One of the fastest growing departments in our stores over the past 10 years, growing to over 137 locations across our 8 state operation area. An average Chinese Express will feature 10-12 Hot Entrees on display each day and added to this we will cook anything a customer desires upon request. Hy-Vee Chinese Express departments are recognized as a true destination for Fresh Chinese Food in every area we operate. Fresh and convenient and always a great value.

This year we are celebrating our 80th Anniversary as a Supermarket chain operating over 230 stores in eight states in the upper Midwest. Our entry into the Chinese Express business began in 1992 and fast approaching 20 years in the business. With the addition of a Fresh Sushi concept recently and planned expansion going back into existing stores with Chinese Express departments, customers will have additional options that enhance the overall experience.

Fresh is the standard and an emphasis on offering healthier options for our customers has been the focus in recent years. Our core business remains strong and a lot of our growth has come from new and fresh offerings and aggressive promotions.

Hy-Vee has dedicated three trained professionals to oversee the day to day operations of this fast growing department. Kwok Chow, Chao Sun and Jonathan Liu all came from the ranks and have vast experience in the business. These executives work out of our corporate office and spend the bulk of their time supervising stores and helping with hiring, training and promotions.