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51 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA, 01376-1104




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CeCe’s Chinese Restaurant is located in Turners Falls, MA. It has a very brief and natural decoration with about 20 seats, where the wooden facilities, including tables and chairs make it inviting. They are well maintained and clean, because to this restaurant owner, Mr. Zhang, sanitation is of the most importance for restaurant operation.

There are a huge variety of dishes on menu, which are divided into several categories, including soup, appetizers, side orders, poultry... Its authentic Chinese flavor can definitely satisfy each Chinese food fans’ taste bud. Among these vast options, appetizers like Fried Mozzarella Stick, Fried Chicken Wings, Beef Teriyaki are most popular. They are crispy and savory.

Besides, the Kung Pao Chicken is also delicious, and has a pungent, spicy tangy taste with juicy pieces of chicken; the General Tso's Chicken is in a dark sauce and is spicy. It is all white meat in large chunks. The chicken pieces are moist and flavorful. They are all best selling dishes. After you come here, you will find much more than you can imagine.

Now pick up your phone to order! You may not want to lose this authentic Chinese flavor that will inspire you to continually patronize this restaurant afterwards.

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