111 West Church Street, TROUTMAN, NC, 28166-8522 
Full service
Chinese Cuisine,Japanese Cuisine

In 2008, with the specter of economic recession looming, owner Shifeng Ke braced for the challenge posed by the decrease of consumer spending, and took over China Garden III. Tucked away on Church Street in the outskirts of Troutman, China Garden III is remodeled to feel like a rural take-out eatery. Without pretentious gimmicks or huge signs, this restaurant has outwitted severe competition through good word-of-mouth.

Given a glimpse of the menu, one might need extra time to look through the vast selection of menu items. The lengthiness of the menu reminds one of an encyclopedia with different categories of dishes, ranging from appetizers, soup, to chicken, beef, and seafood dishes. Among a lengthy string of choices, General Tso’s Chicken and Honey Chicken are the most highly acclaimed items.

To start your meal try some of the lovely cheese wantons. They are a pleasant accompaniment to a bowl of Hot & Sour Soup. Follow your appetizers with one of the nutritious entrées. One customer favorite is the Broccoli Beef. This dish is poetically arranged with slices of beef quietly lying in an attractive bed of broccoli greens. If shrimp is more your thing try the Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables. Meat lovers will go wild for the Teriyaki and Grill.