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Reviewed by: Lynette L. on: 12/26/2012 9:13:00 PM
One of my go-to Chinese buffets. Sad to hear there are poor reviews for this place. My parents and I usually love going here as a buffet. We usually loved they clams at this place. We would get like 3-4 plates filled with the clams to get our moneys worth.Although a bit pricey for dinner time, I recommend going during lunch. It is like half price of the dinner but they don't have as much seafood like the fried crabs and such. But I'm okay with that, there are other food available too.The sushi is alright, they make it in front of you but its not really the best. Overall, I keep coming back. The waiters usually come by often to pick up your empty plates so thats also good.
Reviewed by: Golda R. on: 10/9/2012 9:21:00 AM
For those who have big Asian families, y'all know buffets are a big thing. I took my out of town family here because they LOVE buffets and they thought it was good, especially for the price point. $8.99 for lunch isn't bad especially since the food is decent. I had tried their green beans, orange chicken, and fried rice. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. Desert isn't bad either.Don't come here expecting a Vegas buffet, or don't come here for special occassions. This place is great for a good lunch where you can eat big for a decent price and feel satisfied that you got your money's worth.
Reviewed by: Le Qi C. on: 7/3/2012 3:01:00 AM
First to come, it's a Crazy Buffet.. Now it's Sunnyvale Buffet.. It's even better now.. So give it a try.. I got the discount 15% for my Party!!! But the haven't change the Crazy Buffet sign. !!!
Reviewed by: Nga C. on: 6/28/2012 1:37:00 PM
$15 for AYCE crab legs? HELL YES!! Now, I can admit that this is not the greatest place, but if all you're coming here for is the crab, might as well skip the price tag of places like Tomi (though you get a lot of other delicious options there...). Other tasty options that I'll typically get here are; shark fin soup, crab rangoons, and fried chicken wings... with a side of sweet and sour sauce.Anyway, I went on a random weeknight with my mom... with pretty much less than an hour left to eat. Since it was so late, there wasn't much left, but the supervisor/cashier got the cooks to make us a couple more batches of the crab legs and gave us free drinks since the options were limited. The meat was tasty; good enough where I didn't have to dip it in anything, and even better when I had it with the soup. I was a little bummed that I couldn't get any wings, but hey the other stuff I like to get there was still available, and the shark fin soup here is better than what they have at Tomi.
Reviewed by: Hiep D. on: 5/2/2012 11:35:00 AM
It's the only buffet in the bay area which has seafood (crab leg in particular) that I know of. It's not as good as those I've been to in Ohio or Indianapolis but at least it satisfies the crave for 'unlimited' seafood. However, the crab leg is always out, people just keep lining up next to the crab leg stall to wait for more. I wish they would refill it faster.The service is below good. We have plenty of dirty dishes stacked up (ok not plenty but it was at least 2 piles with 1 of 3 dishes and the other of 2 dishes), the waiter/waitress just walked by, I know they saw that (they looked at the table) and then walked a way. I had to called them (twice) to ask them to remove the dishes. That was not a good experience (granted that this is a Chinese buffet, but I'd expect they'd be more than that).Other dishes are ok, among them I like best are the crab leg (of course!), frog legs, chicken sticks (they have crawfish but I didn't try). Oh and the ice cream is just so so, it's like egg cream with a little taste of vanilla/chocolate.I'd come here again when I really crave for crab leg and I have plentyyyy of time to fight for the lines. Other than that, there's no reason to come back.
Reviewed by: Evie H. on: 4/12/2012 6:01:00 PM
I came here once when the buffet first opened and then haven't stepped foot in since then. Unfortunately, last week, I was forced to come here with family against my will.I don't eat seafood so I can only write what my family said about it. My mom really liked the crab legs and my aunt seemed to like the clams since she got two plates full of them. No one really touched the shrimp or sushi so I can't speak for those dishes.The rest of the food was abysmal to me. None of the fried foods (with the exception of the spring rolls) were actually fried. This suggests that the food probably had been sitting out there since lunchtime or the cooks don't know how to fry things properly. I felt like the vegetables had the exact same taste and were all too salty. The chicken on the skewers were pretty dry and the steamed bun wasn't soft and fluffy like it's supposed to be. I have to say that the hot sesame balls were really good since it just came out, but it was way too oily though.The dessert table didn't look appetizing either so I resulted to eating a bowl of ice cream.The service was really good though. Our waitress gave us a bunch of napkins and took our dirty dishes away pretty quickly.
Reviewed by: Hoa Q. on: 4/6/2012 12:27:00 AM
Hopefully my five stars will help offset a little of the dismal rating caused by the unfair reviews from people who have never even set foot inside the restaurant. Those reviews are unfair to the employees because they're not only getting screwed over by the management but now also by people who have never seen them at work. You can boycott the management, but the poor employees still need to earn money, you know...That said, the quality of the food has improved greatly from the first time I ate there, when I wrote my previous review. In fact, it's become a family favorite for those times we just want to stuff ourselves silly and don't have any other ideas for food. It's like being on the other side of the sneeze guard at Panda Express. The older generation in my family just love it, like many of the fellow Yelpers have pointed out. The restaurant offers a lot of variety, including exotic delicacies such as escargot, frog legs, and several types of shellfish. If you want lots of seafood for cheap, this is where you want to go. If you're looking for high quality food, this is a Chinese buffet. What do you expect?The service is also pretty good. We never have dirty dishes on our table for very long, they leave a stack of decent quality napkins on the table without us asking, and when our company is late, the staff immediately comes over to get drink orders. And on your birthday, you get a discount (I think it might even be a free meal) if you show them your driver's license. As for the buffet, the food is constantly being refilled so you don't have to wait long if something runs out.
Reviewed by: Joanne C. on: 3/19/2012 12:52:00 AM
My dads favorite place to go for his crazy crab appetite. I swear the minute the guys come out with hot trays of crabs my dad is out of sight and comes back with a MOUNTAIN load of crab legs on his tray...I'm not much of a crab eater but the other things are pretty good for a buffet! I love the mongolian barbecue section. Extra sauce Extra garlic is the way to go. Nasty breath but amazing as it goes down your mouth. teehee love itt. Sushi's not that great but then again its buffet quality..They have a huge variety of food choices and you're bound to find something you love haha. FOR INSTANCE. i love those almond cookies(?) i think thats what they're called it has like a sliver of almond in the front and its really good with ice cream... hahha or i also like the creamy clam thingy (and i don't like clams)Service wasn't that bad. lol. They play an embarrassing birthday song though if you ask for it. (trust me its embarrassing! ahha) They take away your plates when your done and bring your drinks. what else are they supposed to do? hahaIn conclusion, this place was a great buffet for people aged 40+ lol. and for good reasons. its super cheap and has crab (which is pretty expensive) so if you want to take an adult out on a dinner/ lunch? I recommend Crazy buffet. If its someone more your age.. perhaps another place? unless you want some frog legs or massive amounts of crab haha ;)