Fu Yuan Restaurant


7562 Pacific Ave.,, Stockton, CA, 95207

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Type:Full service


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About Us
The dining room is clean and inviting with tables prepared in advance for customer arrival. The carpet is clean. Condiments, linens, plates and silverware are clean and undamaged. The women's restroom is clean, stocked and odorless. A Health Department Certificate is clearly visible by the register area. The outside of the restaurant is clean with neatly trimmed landscaping. The restaurant interior is clean, and appears neat and inviting. The tables are ready for customers. The server is open, courteous and friendly. She is efficient and checked back after food is delivered. The food arrives in a reasonable amount of time, and the table is bussed as appropriate. The server anticipates customers’ needs and provided refills, as appropriate. The Almond Chicken has almonds, chicken, celery, carrots, water chestnuts, and onion in a well balanced mix. It is served at a warm temperature with the almonds clearly visible on the top of the dish. The appearance of the Almond Chicken is very good. The value of all of the items is excellent. All of the items are served at excellent temperatures. There are House Specials for chicken and fried rice. There are no drink specials. There is not anything about the use of MSG. There is a newspaper article about the restaurant being hard to find, but worth the hunt. Most of the decor is appealing.
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