13 HERITAGE HLS, SOMERS, NY, 10589-1225 

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Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2006-06-25
Nice setting, window seat overlooking the lake. Hubby had General Tso's Chicken (hotter than usual with no veggies) and I had Maki Plate. The sushi was fresh and tasty, and nicely served. ...?
Reviewed by: Sandy P. on: 2008-03-21
Honestly, this restaurant is decent but I've had better. The food is your usual chinese food, with fairly usual prices. The waitstaff - at least the ones that I've had - don't really speak English too well. But the restaurant setting is ...?
Reviewed by: SiberianWinter on: 2008-07-04
food with great service. It's tucked away but totally worth finding. I go there for take out when my work prevents me from cooking. Fast service, very polite, great prices - HUGE portions. Doesn't get much better. ...?
Reviewed by: ShellyS1234 on: 2008-11-13
is actually getting better. I suspect they have a new chef who's taken them to new heights. Perhaps the best Westchester has to offer in Chinese food these days. Almost reminiscent of Paul Ma's Kitchen (the old gold standard). ...?
Reviewed by: PeterC684162 on: 2008-11-13
other interesting dishes (eg pork roll with scallion). The more knowledgeable and fussy you are the better you will eat. They will alter dishes to your request. If you order sashimi, make a point of asking for it to be sliced thin; the fish is ...?
Reviewed by: ChristineA9534 on: 2008-12-04
from the back of the restaurant is fun for kids, especially in summer when the fish are jumping around in the lake. Food is plentiful and delicious, lightly seasoned, fresh and flavorful. A wide menu selection includes Chinese and Japanese options. We go often as a family. ...?
Reviewed by: CassandraV0047 on: 2008-12-05
This is our go-to restaurant for both Chinese & Japanese in the area. The service isn't so great..but it depends on what server you get. Also, the bathrooms are freezing cold and dirty. I have a young child and dread going in there. ...?
Reviewed by: DavidS5203 on: 2008-12-09
there at the wrong time (say too early, during a crowd, or too late) the food seems prepared by whoever's in the kitchen at the time. Can be good, but is more often lacksadaisical and greasy. ...?
Reviewed by: Fuzz Y. on: 2008-12-29
When Imperial Wok is good they are very good. Only once or twice out of 15 years was I disappointed with their food. Their service is always perfect - wanting to please. And when you are happy, they are very happy. I never had a ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-11-29
Went to the Wok for dinner tonight. My family used to go there years ago regularly and it was always good. This was probably the first time in more than ten years. The food was very good and decent portions. We ordered several apps and seven main courses. No complaints from anyone. However, the service was pretty awful. It took a long time for someone to take our drink and food orders. Whenever we needed something we had to spend several minutes trying to flag someone down. Someone in my group went outside for a smoke and said other people leaving were complaining too. There was also a large round table right next to ours who left almost an hour before us and the table was still had not been cleaned. It was covered in junk. Looked terrible. Another table too. They seemed to me to have enough staff and the restaurant was busy but not packed. Still plenty of open tables. We were there from 6-8 on a Sat. Prices on food are decent. Drinks however were a rip off. $8 for a small, weak Mai ...? More ?