Honey Court Seafood Chinese Restaurant


516 Maynard Ave S.,, Seattle, WA, 98104-2919

Type:Full service

Cuisine:Mandarin,Cantonese,Hong Kong dim sum


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Nestled in Seattle, WA, Honey Court Seafood Chinese Restaurant is a popular dining spot for locals who enjoy Chinese cuisine. Facing fierce competition from Chinese restaurants in the surrounding area, Honey Court Seafood Chinese Restaurant has made itself a winner by sticking to its roots —quality food at a reasonable price.
Like most Chinese eateries in America, Honey Court features extensive selections of Chinese cuisine, ranging from Sichuan to Hunan fare. To better cater to customers’ needs, the owner Mr. Deng has slightly adjusted the tastes of his dishes.
What sets the restaurant apart is its plentiful seafood varieties, due to its adjacency to the seashore, the seafood is easily available and makes the local sourcing easier. It is really a dining destination for the seafood fanatics. The baked oysters, lobster, snow king crab legs and claws, mussels, squid, salmon and clams are all offered to tempt the tastebuds of the customers. What receives the loudest applause is the lobster.
In the hard times, most of the restaurants suffered, and the restaurant also feels the economic woes. It is a great challenge to bring in more customers. So how? “Quality is key.” told Deng. “We always use the best quality food, such as the chicken meat, crab and shrimp are all top rated.”
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