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2208 E De Renne Ave #G, Savannah, GA, 31406


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About Us

Welcome to China Taste.

Located in the beautiful city of Savannah, our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you.

We pick ingredients carefully and use only the freshest and natural ones to prepare every dish, and have been trying to cook them in a healthier way to provide the most nutritious food. Much attention has been attached to ensure you a cozy and inviting ambiance where you could enjoy not only the great meal but also the authentic atmosphere.

The owner and all staff in China Taste will greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. We have made painstaking efforts to create the tidiest and cleanest dining place, and guarantee you with friendly and timely service. All of your demands and feelings will be cared in our restaurant.

If you have any comment or suggestion, or want to get more specific information about us, feel free to contact us at 912-335-1165, or browse our website, we will be delight to hear from you any time!

Welcome to experience the best meals in our fairyland!


China Taste is located in a section of the city of Savannah, GA. The windows and front door are clean. The interior of this location is well maintained. There are updated and modern pictures of food on the walls. These pictures are bright and in color. The pictures are large and covered with acrylic. They shows the food choices in an appealing fashion with prices shown, as well.

This restaurant has the typical Chinese take-out restaurant menu with many items to choose from. There are more than 200 items to choose from on the menu. There is a section of this restaurant's menu that is specifically designated as a Health-Diet Section. In this section, there are steamed items including shrimp, beef chicken, pork and vegetables.

Among the items in this menu , there are many delicious food you may order. All the food is a big value. For instance, the soup comes in a clear, plastic container with a bag on the side of crunchy noodles. It has a spicy after taste with an initial sour flavor. The quantity and quality of the soup is a terrific value for the price. The soup is loaded with mushrooms and tofu, as well as other vegetables.

The Garlic Shrimp dish is served in a sturdy, plastic container that has a clear top.The sauce is garlic-based. It does not have such a strong flavor of garlic that the other flavors does not come out. Instead, the garlic sauce is relatively mild, and it complements the flavors of the shrimp and vegetables. The shrimp is very fresh tasting, and it has a somewhat crunchy consistency. The vegetables are crunchy. There are ten large shrimps and a generous portion of vegetables in this dish , as well. The flavor is unique and delicious.

Because the friendly service and savory food, China Taste has received awards, of which one was from Chinese Restaurant Foundation, the other National Restaurant Association. Now you may rest assure to order online to enjoy its unforgettable Chinese delicacies!

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