1713 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA, 94116-2308 
415-566-6143  415-665-6617
Full service

Kingdom of Dumpling is a hidden gem located at 1713 Taraval St. San Francisco. Though it’s a small establishment with basic décor, customers are willing to wait for 20-30 minutes to be seated.

The name of this enchanting eatery implies that it mainly serves various kinds of dumplings. Dumpling (Jiaozi in Chinese) is a traditional dish eaten on Chinese New Year's Eve, the 5th day of Chinese New Year, and special family reunions. There are lots of popular old sayings in China about dumpling. One of them is “If you want to eat, dumpling is the best. If you want to feel comfortable, sleeping will be.” Another one is “A Chinese New Year without dumplings is like a day without sunshine.”

According to owner Qinghe Li, dumplings offered at Kingdom of Dumpling have several features: all dumplings are handmade, the ratio of vegetable to meat is 1 to 1, only fresh and top-notch vegetables are used for the filling, dumpling wrappers are made from whole grain flour, dumplings are beautifully presented. Thus the dumplings are not only eye-appealing and appetizing, they are healthy as well. As for the popularity of dumplings in Kingdom of Dumpling, just check the rave reviews online.

Another best selling dish in Kingdom of Dumpling is Xiaolongbao. “The Xiao Long Bao here is simply amazing. It's probably the best in the Bay Area...maybe even California. No, I'll probably include the whole United States and maybe even China. The texture is silky and once you put it in your mouth, you get an explosion of yummy goodness.” Says an online reviewer.

In stead of mouthwatering, just head to Kingdom of Dumpling and sample the palatable delicacies yourself.