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Reviewed by: Gordy L. on: 3/28/2013 6:21:00 PM
Everyone knows that you typically don't go to a Chinese restaurant for great service, but the entire staff at All Season has really redefined what bad service is. On top of that, the food is below average. One of the waiters even told me that the fish in the fish jook isn't even fish. It's fish parts that have been scraped together and formed into fish filet-like shapes. Totally unacceptable and gross.
Reviewed by: Mark Y. on: 3/18/2013 11:24:00 AM
Great hidden gem of a place in the city to come with groups for dim sum lunch in the Diamond Heights Shopping Center. Why spend 20 minutes searching for street parking in Chinatown or on Clement street, when there is a free parking lot just outside the restaurant. Lots of people seem to be thinking the same exact thing. Once you're inside and upstairs, it's noisy, crowded, with warm aromas filling the large, light filled restaurant, just as it should be.Most importantly, they have all my Hong Kong classic dim sum favorites served in carts like:Lo mai gai- steamed sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf wrap (not too salty and less fatty than most other places)Steamed cha siu bao (not too salty and less fatty than most other places)Cha siu so- bbq pork in puffed pastryHar gow- shrimp dumplingPan fried tarrow cake with chinese hamBraised whole chicken feet - (not my personal favorite but a very popular dish among HKers)Fried noodles in XO sauce (order off the menu)Extensive selection of Chinese teas for the table to enjoy*The one item I avoid from here is the xiao long bao, in my opinion it's not even worth ordering, the skin gets stuck to the aluminum tin foil they use as a wrapper and there is hardly ever any soup inside of the dumpling, rendering it rather dry and pointless.Overall, the prices are super reasonable given the overall quality of the food here. Expect to pay a lot less for dim sum of similar quality to Yank Sing. Now it's easy to understand why this place is becoming so popular.Tips: Try to get here early, the free parking lot gets pretty crowded by noon, especially on weekends. When it gets crowded it's also kind of a tradeoff between sitting by the windows or sitting closer to the kitchen and getting first dibs on the carts as they come filing out with steaming hot new dim sum. Sometimes if you are waiting on a particular dish, it helps to alert one of the other cart ladies or manager about it so they can mention it to the proper person and get you what you want. Lastly, if you are coming by yourself and just want to park, grab, and go they have a great take out dim sum counter on the ground floor level just under the restaurant.Note: I have not eaten here for dinner and would recommend this place for brunch or lunch only.
Reviewed by: Nai S. on: 3/10/2013 7:18:00 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!Was here celebrating grandpa's bday with the enitire fam bam. How I love these family get togethers, catching up on the latest fam bam drama and enjoying great food at the same time. Family style dinner is what I'm all about. Service was great and attentive and with a packed restaurant and a crowd like us, I was glad they kept it well put together.
Reviewed by: Sebastian C. on: 3/5/2013 2:07:00 PM
THIS REVIEW IS FOR HANGOVER DIM SUM FROM TEH LITTLE RESTAURANT DOWNSTAIRS ONLYTHE PLACE: The dim sum spots opens up and is small, parking is no problem in the plaza at off peak hours.THE FOOD its cheap dim sum, nothing to write home about but you can get it and go. Perfect if you are craving dim sum but don't want to wait 2 hours for it.THE PRICE cheap I guess? It's really not that bad, just buy some steam porked buns or XLB's and cram your mouth with it.It's not the best, but this place handles itself well in a pinch.
Reviewed by: Norris C. on: 3/5/2013 11:43:00 AM
I grew up in Vancouver, BC. My favourite dim sum place in the world is Kirin Restaurant in Vancouver. Better than the majority of places in HK. I know my dim sum. ;-)You go to places like "All Season" for the food, not the atmosphere. If I wanted atmosphere, I'd expect to pay 1.5x to 2x more compared to this restaurant. This place is really noisy and not classy at all. I was surprised I didn't have to share a table with someone (which is pretty typical of dim sum places in NYC). They have a loud speaker near the door, where they yell out your number.The dim sum is pretty decent here (7/10). In my opinion, to test the quality of a dim sum restaurant, it's best to order their shrimp dumplings and their soy sauce or XO stir fried rice rolls (Changfen or Cheongfun depending if you speak Mandarin or Cantonese). The shrimp in their shrimp dumplings cut up a bit and a little on the small side but compared to many dim sum places I've been to, they are pretty decent. Rice rolls should moist, soft, and springy; this place hit the spot for me.We also ordered their steamed BBQ pork buns and egg yolk buns (nai huang bao or naiwong bao). My wife eats the egg yolk buns and I only like BBQ pork buns. The quality is pretty good; not too sweet. My only gripe is that they stick little fat chunks in the BBQ pork filling.Their tea is crap and they charged me $2 per person! To their credit, most dim sum restaurants serve really crappy tea. The quality of tea that they serve is only worth $0.05 per pot. At home, we usually drink Tieguanyin quality that is approximately $5.00 per pot or appx $1200 per pound (It's still cheaper than a cup of coffee Starbucks!!). I'm definitely bringing my own tea when I go for dim sum here in SF.I lived in Beijing and Shanghai for the last 10 years and miss good Cantonese dim sum. I'm happy to return to North America. I'd say 95% of the dim sum restaurants in China are pretty crappy but I'd definitely come to this restaurant again in SF.
Reviewed by: Shirley N. on: 3/1/2013 4:58:00 AM
The first time I came it was for a special dinner. Today is was dim sum. We ordered tea. And the server came over to light a tea candle. It wasn't until much later that we realized the teapot needs to sit on top of the tea candle holder. We left ours on the table. Duh.Fancy preprinted menu offerings on nice glossy paper and pictures of the food.Chicken feet with black bean was very good. XLB was so so. The deep fried meat dumpling and the taro dumpling were both good. Why is it that deep fried anything always taste so good.The daikon pancake was too starchy. We had several other items. Ordered too much for the two of us and had doggie boxes.Within an half hour, hubby and I felt very thirsty. Grease or MSG?
Reviewed by: Peter M. on: 2/26/2013 7:21:00 PM
Definitely good to coming back. Food is delicious but service is a little bit slow. But it is just ok. It would be a good lesson of your patience learning. So just ignore it. Trying to be regular here.Just visit and taste yourself...
Reviewed by: Ally L. on: 2/16/2013 12:20:00 PM
I have never been here in the morning for tea so I can't imagine and rate how that's like. But as for dinner, especially on the holidays, I feel that they need to have a better system in how they handle large crowds of people who are waiting AND those who have made reservations prior. They need a ticket system and to manage their reservations more appropriately. Came here for dinner on first day of Chinese New Year and it was a nightmare because groups of people that made reservations were waiting for over an hour for their tables. We made a reservation and didn't get seated til 45 minutes later. Patrons were getting super grouchy but through my observation, the staff handled most of them quite well. Aside from the mess, the food turned out quite well, however I have experienced quite a few times where they run out of items on the menu.
Reviewed by: MickYee M. on: 2/11/2013 3:05:00 AM
Employee did not wash her hands after using the restroom... guess where she went after using the restroom. THE KITCHEN!!!!! Ewww and disgusting.DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HERE!!!!!
Reviewed by: Christopher H. on: 2/9/2013 10:07:00 AM
While All Seasons seems to have a very authentic menu, and attracts Chinese people from all over the city, they have been, and continue to be a horrible neighbor in Diamond Heights.Their customers seems to think that it is Okay to smoke in groups right in front of neighboring stores ( Safeway and Walgreens), and to spit on the sidewalks without hesitation or regard for others.Parking, honking, and double parking have all become an issue since All Seasons opened.. I asked two of All Season patrons who were smoking to move away from the side walk today, as I have asthma (and lots of disabled people live in the area). They acted like they didn't understand me, replying in Chinese, but when I further stated that they must smoke at the Sidewalk on Diamond Heights Blvd. they stated they can smoke anywhere that they want to and that I was "a little Bitch".This is a smoking issue, not a racial issue as they inferred. All Seasons is good for business no doubt, but they have single handely taken down the environmental quality of the area with excessive smoke, trash (cig butts), and customers who don't live in our area and could care less what happens to the neighborhood.Enough is Enough.I will not be threathened in my own neighborhood by chain smokers who have no regard for anyone else, including their own children. Small children are always seen with these adults and they are embedded in smoke plumes from their own families.If you agree with me, contact the Diamond Heights Shopping Center property manager, the President of the Diamond Heights Community Association, Supervisor Scott Wiener, and Captian O'Mally of the Ingelside Police Station, which has juristriction in the area. All of these individuals are aware of the problem and need to hear from more people who live in the area.
Reviewed by: Wing Z. on: 1/24/2013 6:03:00 AM
All Season Restaurant~ $60
Reviewed by: Nancy L. on: 1/20/2013 1:42:00 AM
I don't suppose that one can rate a Chinese restaurant based on service - it's always rushed, a bit rude, and not a lot of attentive care. So this place is no exception, especially because of the long lines on weekends for dimsum, but by the sheer number of natives who come here to eat with their family and friends every weekend, you can tell that the food is authentic.I came here with my boyfriend for weekend brunch - the wait was 20 minutes, after the manager opened up a private "VIP" wing to accommodate huge demand. So we ended up sitting at a private room with six or seven other tables - definitely less noise, and we had one dedicated waiter serving all of us.We sat down for tea first - definitely recommend chrysanthemum tea. Its aroma is calm and peaceful. We ordered our small plates of dimsum while the carts made their walkabouts. Xiao long bao was juicy and flavorful. The scallion pancakes were extra fluffy and buttery. Shumai were tasty and well made. On a whole, it was a satisfactory dim-sum experience, but the restaurant experience, especially the waiting time, could be better managed.
Reviewed by: Tommy H. on: 1/19/2013 3:37:00 AM
Definitely some of the better Chinese food that I've had in quite sometime. Went for dinner around 5 before the dinner rush and were seated right away. We spend around $50 for 3 dishes which was served as family style.The service was on top of it, good decor, good prices. It was an overall a good experience. I will definitely be a regular :)
Reviewed by: Isabelle L. on: 1/6/2013 5:01:00 PM
We went there to eat dinner with our friends on NYE. It's a really nice restaurant and the food is kind of pricy. We order a fresh fish and it almost cost us 30 dollars. it was good, but it is pretty expensive. The waiter should give us a smaller fish instead . We order veggie, but it doesn't taste too good.My friend brought two bottle of wines from safeway and we drank it while we are having dinner. They only charge us for opening wine charge fee. I guess it's nice that we can bring our own wines. I love to drink wine during dinner ,especially on NYE.The dessert is good. we can choose either mango pudding or red bean dessert. I like it. Overall the food is ok.
Reviewed by: Nora S. on: 12/29/2012 2:40:00 PM
Look, it's hard to review a Chinese food restaurant based on an experience on Christmas, but I'm doing it. The service was TERRIBLE. Our appetizers (hot and sour soup and pot stickers) took nearly an hour to arrive. The pot stickers had clearly been sitting out as they were cold inside.Our main dishes arrived awkwardly spaced out. Even more awkward because we weren't necessarily sharing, so some people had their food and others didn't. We had ordered brown rice which they told us mid-way through our meal they were out of. We said steamed was fine, and that never came. Getting refills on water was near impossible. I had the sweet and sour chicken which was good, but I doubt I will be back.
Reviewed by: M. D. on: 12/22/2012 5:07:00 AM
A group of co-workers went here yesterday for dim-sum. We arrived around 12:40PM and was told that the wait would be 30 minutes (on a Tuesday??), but we were seated less than that. We ordered a bunch of dim-sum dishes and most of them were decent. We enjoyed the deep fried shrimp balls, steamed bean curd skin rolls w/ pork & shrimp, deep-fried taro dumplings, and scallop & chives dumplings. I had better hargaw and siu mai elsewhere.The service was not so great though. We had to ask several times for soy sauce, chili and mustard sauce. Overall, we all agreed that All Season is worth a 2nd try, but not in a near future.
Reviewed by: Antonia T. on: 12/22/2012 8:39:00 AM
If they charge per gallon of oil, it is well priced. If charging per serving of food, incredibly over-priced for what it is. Below delivery quality, but they don't deliver.
Reviewed by: Alfredo I. on: 12/15/2012 4:15:00 PM
What a great find. First and foremost the food is tasty! Not that healthy California Chinese food mind you, this stuff is cooked in oil! Large portions, good value. The menu is long and diverse. On top of that, good friendly service (although it was not crowded). As a bonus, there is easy free parking in the lot.
Reviewed by: Jo T. on: 11/30/2012 4:08:00 PM
Good dimsum (taste and variety) and reasonable prices. Service can be so slow since it gets pretty busy. Usually not difficult to find parking in the lot, which is a great plus.
Reviewed by: Mick A. on: 11/23/2012 6:00:00 AM
A nice find up in the Diamond Heights neighborhood.Not sure why we hadn't been in here before, but we finally ventured up their stairs to find a warm and inviting restaurant. On our first night there it was packed with different families, all sitting around large round tables, and looking like they were having a fun time. We didn't think we could get in but they found us a nice table for two overlooking the neighborhood area.Started out with the War Wonton Soup, which is a meal in itself, and quite delicious, and then ordered assorted fish and vegetable dishes. Two different duck dishes were very tasty too.Good company, good service and delicious food. We will definitely be back.
Reviewed by: Sam C. on: 11/21/2012 11:40:00 AM
The food is good. I only been here for dim sum. Service is not that great. Always packed and busy. Waiters/waitress get annoyed when you ask for stuff like water, napkin, etc. we basically come here for dim sum only.
Reviewed by: niffer l. on: 11/7/2012 12:56:00 PM
First, I nearly lost my appetite after seeing the dead fish in the aquarium that you can presumably order for dinner. I asked the server about the fish, and he asked "which one?" "The dead one, I replied. "Oh, that's red cod," he explained non-chalantly.My friend encouraged me to stick around. I wish I hadn't.The place is set up for large groups--pretty much everything is $12 or more--including a plate of steamed pea shoots. Fine if you have 6 or 8 adults eating, but would have preferred smaller portions which would afford more variety for a smaller group of two adults and two kids.The food itself was quite bland and greasy. Today, my stomach has been "off," and I've had to stay close to the ranch in the event the dinner tries to make an unexpected appearance.All that said, the restaurant was packed with Chinese folk who seemed to be quite happy with the place. They must know something I don't.
Reviewed by: Jun W. on: 11/7/2012 7:16:00 AM
This restaurant another reason why you simply cannot rely too much on Yelp reviews. Better to use it as a reference point and read a few good and bad reviews to get a good understanding of people's viewpoints before assuming that a restaurant with average 4-star rating is better than another one with 3-star.The food was pretty good and some dessert were especially good-tasting and rare among Chinese restaurants. Recommend for anyone who has never been there!
Reviewed by: Dirk W. on: 10/5/2012 7:03:00 PM
What a nice surprise to find this restaurant up in Diamond Heights. I've been to that shopping mall area several times (Safeway, Post Office, Bakery) and finally looked up . . . . and found All Season Restaurant.We had dinner, were able to walk in and get a table by the window.Really enjoyed the mammoth sized bowl of Won Ton soup and then got several fish and meat dishes to enjoy.A good value, clean space, very friendly servers, and thanks to both Gordon and Lok for being so nice. We will definitely be back.
Reviewed by: Toma W. on: 10/1/2012 7:12:00 AM
I like this place.Just another Dim Sum spot in SF Diamond Heights. This place used to be the old Yet Wah from back in the days.The dim sum is good there. The service is, meh, ok. Nothing special. Parking suck. Even though I gave 3-stars, I'll def come back. :-)
Reviewed by: Fannie S. on: 9/27/2012 10:29:00 PM
Food = good. Pumpkin with salted egg and shrimp....gah, to DIE FOR!!! Noodles = delicious. Lobster salad = unusual. It had melons and jicama, with lots of mayo. (You'd have to be into that sort of thing.) Delicious jellyfish, duck (peking too), asparagus chicken (crunchy veggies and savory black bean sauce that's not too salty!), and steamed crab over sticky rice.Walnut soup (dessert) = delicious!!! I'm allergic to peanuts (as of 2011), so this was a wonderful alternative!! (If you want it, make sure to request it well ahead of time, because it's a lengthy process to make this dessert. They actually peel whole walnuts, then they roast them, and then they handcrank grind them for this soup.)Service = friendly. We had the "VIP" room, the private section, so we had different experience than if we had been in the main dining area. The "VIP" room is a bit drafty, and probably would see up to 40 people at most (and it'd be a tight squeeze).Location = where Yet Wah #2 used to be. They've updated the place quite a bit. It's less dreary and much more well lit.Prices = reasonable to moderate. It depends on what you're looking for.... They also have a quick take-out area downstairs.Parking = shopping center. It's plentiful.Overall, I'd come back here for more. Maybe try their dim sum, because God knows this neighborhood needs dim sum (yeah, yeah, Sunset area is just around the bend, blah blah) I wish this had been here when I lived in the area!!!
Reviewed by: Lisa S. on: 9/8/2012 7:22:00 PM
Our favorite place is still Koi Palace, but for convenience and proximity, All Season isn't so bad. If you're a fan of soup, I would skip it here and stick with Koi Palace, which arguable makes the best soups I've ever had.All Season serves a decent dim sum and for dinner, they make this dish called Shredded Chicken & Prawn in Tomato Sauce Over Fried Rice that I absolutely love, because I'm a huge fan of saucy rice dishes. Maybe I'm weird, but this dish is my go-to comfort food. Give it a try.Bottom line: good in a pinch.
Reviewed by: Judy K. on: 9/6/2012 6:50:00 PM
Tried several of their Chef's Specials today and they were soooo gooood! Can't wait to go back for more! Yuuummmm!COUPLE'S DELIGHT -Marinated Beef Shank and Tendon over a pile of bean sprouts. Served with a slightly numbing, super garlicky Szechuan chilli oil on top.
Reviewed by: Jessie C. on: 8/21/2012 12:37:00 AM
Yo. I don't go around reviewing Chinese food because I usually find all Chinese food to be delicious and yummy and flavourful and oily and greasy and overall AT LEAST decent, but this place is a total RIP THE FCK OFF!! My table ordered about ten dishes and they ALL were SO BAD. The food lacks taste and effort.For example, I order a dish of XO noodles, but they forgot the XO sauce. NAH DUDE, how are you charge six bucks for some dinky ass noodles, then forget the main ingredient? I noticed the color was off, but my theory of the missing sauce wasn't yet confirmed until the table next to ours was eating XO noodles with, well, actual XO sauce.Let me continueEggplant Shrimp: NO flavour. Eggplant with no flavor is just grandma's way of getting get nutrients into her midday snackShrimp Green Peppers: color of pepper was very off, meaning they boiled the peppers for far too long and when I tried it, it was soggy and not fresh. Also, the shrimp lacked flavour and was not cooked until it had the crunchy-ness to it.Steamed custard dumpling: probably the worst. Bun was stale, custard was minimal.Green onion pancake: had microwave taste and was extremly thinRound noodles: everything in the dish was sub par, but the noodles themselves were too chewy and not cooked properly... You get the ideaOne extra star for the setting and candle that kept our tea hot- 4 for the price and the food
Reviewed by: Shawn S. on: 7/27/2012 7:57:00 PM
Not sure why this happens each time I visit but the last time they forgot to "season" they choi and so our food was bland with no flavor. They came back and said "yes, the cook forgot salt but just added it" and brought back the same plate with even one of the half eaten veggie....ew!!Okay. Fast forward several months later with a clean slate of expectations and a fair attempt to challenge my taste buds. Peking duck, fish, pork, seafood, beef, and an assortment of veggies.Okay, everything was okay. You've revived my experience and I am happy. Huh? My tea cup has lipstick on it...ew ew ew!!! - okay thanks for the nice reminder to post up a mediocre review.The price is somewhat reflective a higher ranging chinese restaurant but backed up with subpar service. - I'm going to have to pass this next time even though I live right up near the village.
Reviewed by: Elaine Y. on: 7/19/2012 3:17:00 PM
There was a huge line at the door and we had a group of 6 so we were afraid that the wait was going to be long. The hostess told us the wait was going to be 5 minutes. Wait, what? Did we just hear 5 minutes? We all got our phones out and get ready for the countdown and about 4 minutes in, they called our number and we are on our way to dim sum heaven. Halleluja and rub the Buddha because we just got super lucky and got a table within 5 minutes on a SUNDAY!The waiters were super quick, fast and they zoom in and out so fast that they take our empty teapot for a refill before we even get to raise our hand and ask. The dim sums keep flying out at us that we had to erase our order on the provided menu, there's really no need to write in your orders when they constantly push out their dim sums right out to your table.The good was decent, I can't say it's the best in the city, but when you're going for dim sum, I think you're really just here for the quantity for the buck.
Reviewed by: Samantha W. on: 7/19/2012 10:25:00 PM
Finally, a good dim sum place for Diamond Heights! I came here over the weekend with my relatives for the first time, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The place was crowded, but the area looked very nice and seating not too cramped. Service was not as bad as I would expect from a Chinese restaurant - it was actually pretty good! We had attentive servers, and our ordered food did not take tremendously long to come.I've grown up hearing from my parents and grandparents that there are a couple of key items that I should always use to judge a dim sum:Wu gok (tried taro balls with meat inside)Ha gao (steamed shrimp dumplings)Siu mai (open faced chinese dumplings)All three were checked off with gold stars. My personal favorite has always been cheung fun, which are those big rice noodle rolls with either shrimp or cha sew in them. Wrapping up, I don't especially love their regular dinners, but I am definitely a fan of this place overall.
Reviewed by: Jen L. on: 7/1/2012 11:21:00 AM
This review is for dim sum only.I'm a little conflicted, fellow Yelpers.1.) Food is actually, really good. Everything was fresh. Fried things were still hot and crispy. I still think of those oily delectable fried shrimp balls...2.) I found hair in my food. Twice. During the same visit.3.) Food is delicious.4.) I do give props to the staff for quickly reprimanding the hairy situation. I thought they were going to bring me a new plate of the food but instead, they just took it off our bill. I'm still not sure how to feel about that. I mean, I really wanted that piece of spare-rib, ya know?5.) Food is awesome.In spite of my biggest no-no when it comes to restaurants, I may actually come back. No, I WILL probably come back. Mostly because it's by my house. And the food is good. Need I repeat...4 times. Just don't leave your house without your glasses.
Reviewed by: Patrick C. on: 6/21/2012 6:28:00 AM
I didn't even know this place existed until someone threw a red-egg ginger party here. People was telling me that this was a old Yet Wah...I never knew..I didn't even know they had Chinese restaurants in Diamond Heights!!Came here thinking that this would be a mediocre type of Chinese restaurant and I think it is just that. Nothing too special that stood out at me when we had the set dinner of variety cold dish, shark fin soup, crab, steamed fish, walnut shrimp, etc...etc...etc...typical Chinese banquet food that I can get anywhere else.Though...I think I may come back again just to order some other seafood items I saw in their tanks...like the giant clam! I saw a cooked dish of that clam come out and walked right by me...it looked damn good. O wells...I wouldn't know until next time...
Reviewed by: Rosie W. on: 6/14/2012 6:09:00 PM
Came here for dinner yesterday and thought their food was OK. For a table of 7 people, the bill came to about $156 or so. Not too shabby.- The short ribs were a bit on the sweeter side; it was different but still tasty. What I loved about it was that it fell off the bone as I bit into it.- We ordered the green onion pancake (yes, I'm an ABC and I love these side dishes). It was probably the best green onion pancake I've ever had.- We got the duck steamed bun dish. It came without the meat and we thought - OK maybe that's how it is? When we were finished with all are dishes, the duck meat came out. WTH? -1 point.- We thought our vegetable dishes had a bit too much oil in it.- Soup was amazing. Loved it.- Came on a Sunday night and parking wasn't bad at all. Loved not having to search half an hour for parking.
Reviewed by: Ken K. on: 5/31/2012 11:16:00 AM
I was quite apprehensive about coming to All Season Restaurant at first because they were featured on an afternoon food and foodie themed segment of Cantonese Chinese radio AM 1450 by a duo of sucka MC DJs who keep on shilling for sub par establishments (like 100% Healthy Dessert in Millbrae, and before that Hana or Kana "Japanese" in Daly City). It is only after a few listens that you come to realise the show is paid advertising, and what is actually sub-parness or extreme mediocrity is elevated to embellished deliciousness of the highest order of bull feces, thus making the discerning real foodie (aka the listener) wonder how these motormouths can be taken $eriou$ly.All fears were put aside once we got up there, it's quite swank. And the place quickly filled up on Sunday night. For a Cantonese seafood restaurant in Diamond Heights area, it's very impressive, way more so than Yet Wah who had been doing the American Chinese thing for years. The next nearest half decent Cantonese might not be till you get to the Sunset, or perhaps Ocean Avenue area.Noted live (or partly comatose) seafood in the tanks: geoduck ~ $26/lb (I guess that's cheap given that geoduck population is shrinking faster than George Costanza and prices are skyrocketing even at the soooshee barz that come near $35 / lb), crab, lobster, live abalone (probably farmed), humongous sturgeon that just barely fit the length of the tank, some humongous red fish of a similar size (sadly floating on its side, a sign that the gills or floaters are in a bad state), coral/sesame grouper (good for steaming) that looked very sleepy but who can blame them for being packed densely inside. Not bad for a showcase.A glance at the menu....hmmm very close to Crab Island in Daly City. Scattered regional Chinese type dishes....some Hunan, a few Sichuan, some Cantonese (familiar) and some.....Zhongshan regional Cantonese? What's this bucket chicken (not KFC version) that's poached and served in a wooden bucket and garnished with cilantro? Interesting...but not $10 more interesting, yet quite a few tables are getting this. The Chinese characters on the menu are traditional, not shorthand. Just overly mindboggling.The slow fire stewed soup of the day? Sea coconut with chicken....uhm no thanks. How can a Canto restaurant have hot and sour soup too?So here it goesEmpress chicken - poached chicken that was cold (ie pre-made well in advance). The nice thing is that the broth or essence the chicken was poached in, turned into gelatin that penetrated the area beneath the skin and meat, creating a fairly good delicious experience. The chicken used was the "wong mo gai" (yellow fur chicken, aka range chicken, lots of bones, little meat but lots of flavor). The downside? The ginger scallion oil was overly salted, and whatever remained on the plate was a layer of grease. No wonder it tasted ok. The meat was a bit too chewy for my liking and the marination/spice rub was not complex enough.Choy sum in superior broth with a meatball made of fish + tofu - not bad...good quality green veg stems, and the fish + tofu balls reminded me of the stewed vegetables (nimono white board special) with fried stuff tofu at Gombei in Menlo Park and San Jose.black pepper beef filet with taro fries - best dish of the night. Taro fries (stir fried, not battered) was a great pairing with good quality thick julienne beef, with some bell peppers. Good with rice.Comp'd dessert - red bean soup. Watery, sweet, and not enough dried orange peel flavor. Silver House (San Mateo) nails it down the best with a thicker consistency and dried orange peel (and quality red beans).A good 3.5 stars kind of place, authentic enough for Diamond Heights area and fairly impressive. Potentially better than Crab Island.
Reviewed by: Cherish H. on: 5/12/2012 4:56:00 AM
Slowest service ever. We were seated rather quickly because 1. It was an off day (not Chinese new years, mothers day, etc) and 2. We had a reservation and we confirmed that we would not have to wait for 3 hours. However, the service was extremely slow!!! Food was decent, am not from around here, so I cannot compare it to other Chinese food in the area- however it was OK in comparison to other places I have tried in SoCal.House chicken- OKHit w. the kids- orange chicken, chow meinPreset menu- pretty good, classic chinese dishesYummilicious Factor = B-
Reviewed by: Clifford L. on: 5/7/2012 1:41:00 PM
-more than a suitable replacement of the former Yet Wah venue. -with handy take out window on the ground level; upstairs the grand Main Room resplendent in Brocade chairs & chandeliers in the Hong Kong tradition . . .Tick off the plates you want on the glossy color photo sheets, trine ignore the Mandarin jacket maidens barking melodically the items up and down the aisles with their trays & carts! TRY RESIST!"Lite Lunch"TICKED-Minced Pork & Shrimp Taro rolled in rice threadSteamed Pork Siu Maie, Lotus buds julienneDeep Fried Meat Dumpling (Jow Gawk)Cilantro & Shrimp DumplingChicken Feet in black Bean sauceDonut rolled in Rice Noodle sheetSharks fin Man-0-WarsBean Skin (vegetarian) rollsSL BaoirRESISTIBLE - We broke the 3-plates-per-person rule for dessert.Jeen Dewey (Deep fried Lotus Seed paste mochi ball, rolled in Sesame seeds)Celestially refreshing cubes of Cloud white Coconut gel.It's a good thing I was hungry.Overall A ++Dedicated to Rayna A!
Reviewed by: Erica L. on: 4/26/2012 5:52:00 PM
Food is a little below average. Some items are good. I like the steamed eggs with clams but my dad says the clams aren't fresh? idk, the egg part was silky, but then again I can make it myself easily.Service SUCKS. they need to hire more staff. Took forever to get our dishes. We ordered 4 things and our last dish took so long that we already finished eating everything else.Also took forever to get the bill. I asked this one waiter but i don't blame him for forgetting because they're so understaffed.Maybe dim sum is better?I think the reason why there are so many people there is because of the couple who owns the place knows them.
Reviewed by: Susy C. on: 4/5/2012 6:23:00 AM
I'm leaning more on the 3 1/2 stars side.Tucked away in a small plaza in Diamond Heights is All Season. Parking is a bit tight in this plaza and be patient.If you are in a small group of 1-4, you get an A ticket. Larger groups get B, C, D tickets.Wait time on a Sunday at 12 noon was fairly quick, only 15 minutes. My super Chinese mom attributes this to All Season being on the pricier side and the poor economy, so less people. Still, there was a good number of people waiting.Service is a total miss. I don't know how many times we asked for water, water refills, hot sauce, soy sauce, and napkins. At one point my friend gave up and just grabbed napkins for us. Typical Chinese restaurant I guess.The food itself, not bad. I can't even remember exactly how many dishes we had but we ordered way too much (woops.. That's what happens when dining with foodies)This restaurant has goose liver fried rice on their dinner menu. We tried to order it during dim sum hours but we were told they did not have goose liver that day. The waiter recommend to us the dry scalloped and egg white fried rice instead. It was actually pretty good but needed a little bit of white pepper.My winning dish of the meal was the shark fin soup dumpling.Be sure you order this in advance because it takes a REALLY REALLY long time to come. The broth was PERFECT. Minced yellow chives in a light delicate ginseng.. oh man. Hit the spot. Probably one of the better shark fin soup dumplings I have had at dim sum in a really long time. Ample amount of seafood in the dumpling as well.I also really enjoyed the stewed tripe (but I felt it was a bite overcooked, I like mine with a slight bite) but the flavor was definitely there. Had my usual chicken feet in black bean sauce but we also ordered the chicken feet in abalone sauce. Really liked the abalone sauce but I was too full to keep eating!Durian puffs are huge here with a helping spoonful of durian paste on the inside. You can definitely SMELL the durian, but I couldn't really taste it. Skip this if you're a durian fan.I am coming back before the ban for the goose liver fried rice though, mark my words!