3728 W 13400 S Ste 107, Riverton, UT, 84065-2331 
Chinese Cuisine,Japanese Cuisine

Business Hours:
Mon. - Thurs. :11:00am - 10:00pm
Fri. & Sat.: 11:00am - 10:30pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 9:00pm
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Chinese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine

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Reviewed by: Jake H. on: 1/22/2013 10:36:00 AM
Looks like a standard strip mall Chinese joint. I usually skip these kind of places, especially if they are some sort of hybrid place (this one is Chinese & Japanese), but we are hard up for restaurants in the area so I finally gave it a shot. Not glad I did.When trying a new Chinese place, I usually get General Tso's. It's a basic dish, hard to screw it up. Well, theirs was screwed up. It came out and chicken tasted bad, like old, not fresh. We sent it back and were gracious about it. It came out again. They clearly remade the dish from scratch, but strangely, again the chicken tasted bad, like Old Sock Chicken or Left in the Car Overnight Chicken instead of General Tso's Chicken. So, obviously I'm not going back.How this place continues to survive is beyond me. A truly good Chinese place would clean up in this area. Also, the prices are too high for the quality of food, unless it was stellar. I'm used to better food for less in SLC, an issue with many Riverton/Herriman area restaurants.
Reviewed by: Karli P. on: 1/10/2013 11:06:00 AM
I came here nervously, as I am normally loyal to Tsunami. They don't have many vegetarian options, but that is understandable. I don't remember what my roll was called, but I know that it had inari in it, and I had them wrap it in soy paper. The roll was okay, but nothing that would keep me up at night drooling over it.For my next visit, I just wanted dessert (basically all that I ever want). I ordered the mini donuts, and they were pretty good. The menu said they came with 10, but they gave me about 30! Can you say SCORE? I wish there was some sort of dipping sauce included, as I thought my throat might close up if I ate one more.All in all, I'll return
Reviewed by: knudsensj on: 2012-05-09
From a very regular customer who is no longer. I have been eating at the Fortune Cookie in Riverton Utah for several years, choosing to eat the General Tso's Chicken in a Bento Box. But sometime in 2011 the chicken in the General Tso chicken was ruined. It is now the same junk that comes with Sweet n Sour chicken. The meal has lost its appeal. I therefore am no longer a frequent diner at the Fortune Cookie. Please bring back the quality chicken you previously served. You should understand that I influence 4-6 other diners, and my lack of interest in Fortune Cookie means they all eat elsewhere as well. Sorry for the bad news. But hopefully you can use this info to improve your food.
Reviewed by: mandikins2006 on: 2011-10-28
You should include the descriptions of the dish so people know what they're ordering...