House Of Kee


15305 Meridian Avenue East, Puyallup, WA, 98375

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Type:Full service



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House Of Kee is the place to go for people looking for a top-notch Chinese restaurant in Puyallup, Washington. The restaurant is an old restaurant, and is with a large dining area and can seat up to 200 diners. The ambiance is calm and romantic, perfect for a relaxing dinner. Soothing Western and traditional Chinese music is played softly in the background. Finding a dish to suit your mood is never a problem at House Of Kee. According to the owner, Mr. Kee, all of the food in the cuisines is under strict quality control and the ingredients are the freshest around. And it is for this reason that the restaurant receives such great word-of-mouth in the area. And currently, Mr. Kee is reducing the salt and sugar count in the dish preparation to improve the healthfulness across the board. The most popular dishes on the menu are the Seasame Chicken and fried spring roll. House Of Kee is the perfect place for diners looking for delicious and healthy food, friendly service, and a clean and comfortable environment.
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