Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant


8919 RIDGE AVE # 15, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 19128-2035

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Type:Full service

Cuisine:Cantonese,Szechuan,Asian Fusion


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If you clamor for novel dining experience, don’t hesitate to go Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant. Established in 2004, quite unlike the other Chinese restaurants that only serve Chinese cuisine, Lucky Star also provides delicious Japanese and Thai cuisine to cater to locals. The restaurant is a 1,700 ft2 dine-in eatery with the capacity of around 88 customers. From the moment you step into the restaurant, the comfort and warmth sensation will be felt in its surrounding environment. The decoration and dining concept of the restaurant always gives customers excitements.


A perfect combination of traditional Chinese style decoration and Japanese style decoration is depicted throughout Lucky Star. Red woody chairs and tables, eye-catching paintings and painted fan on the wall, beautifully engraved ceiling and picturesque lamp, all giving customers an impression of antique beauty. Moreover, lingering music enhances the comfy and cozy ambiance. This charming establishment is nothing short of exquisite.


Hungry customers are likely to queue for a while since the restaurant is always busy. However, excellent food is a worth to be waited. More than one hundred items are listed on the menu, on which a specific dish will certainly satisfy your taste-bud. Among all the delectable dishes, highly recommended ones are Orange Chicken, Fried Oyster, Thai Beef and Thai Red Curry. In the coming summer, many fresh fruit dishes including Strawberry Shrimp and Mango Beef will be added on the menu. No MSG is used


Cozy dining environment, best value prices, guaranteed food quality, efficient customer service and consistent taste are five main reasons that attract customers choosing Lucky Star as their dining destination. Besides, Tina Xie, the friendly owner, occasionally gives out some lucky envelopes to customers. Prizes in! Just go to Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant and see how lucky you are.


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