1683 E Idaho Ave, Ontario, OR, 97914-3007 
American-Chinese,Asian fusion

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Asian fusion

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Top 100 Local Favorite  (2012)
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Reviewed by: Wendell B. on: 6/26/2012 1:23:00 PM
Dont bother....visited on a Friday around 6 pm (peak time?)...poorly stocked buffet...dried out items...and very questionable seafood...do yourself a favor and go to taco time next door.
Reviewed by: Christopher A. on: 3/10/2012 10:09:00 PM
I have eaten here 4 times.They have some pretty good dishes. The seafood delight is awesome. They are not that quick to refill it when it is empty though. Most of the dishes taste like you would generally find at a typical Chinese buffet.The service is friendly and quick. The place usually has about 10 other tables occupied when I have been there. The one thing that sets this place apart is that they have real hand dipped ice cream as part of the buffet. I have never been to a Chinese buffet that had that and it is really nice compared to that yellow soft serve most buffers carry.The price is reasonable. Around $10 for dinner not including drink,I like this place and will go again.
Reviewed by: Nic 'n Nan N. on: 3/5/2012 1:52:00 AM
Nan: what Mike said. Stuffed mussels, and sugary peanuts for dessert, yummmie. Wide variety of items. I was so full I had to skip the ice cream, dangit! Note to self: next time, eat ice cream first.Nic: Yup. Good food. Lots of it. You can have the ice cream first. I'm going back for a second helping of their sushi rolls. And the green beans. And then some shrimp with cocktail sauce. And then maybe some more sushi rolls.
Reviewed by: Bobjr94 on: 2008-11-12
There was a large verity of food, soups,salads and even pizza. The quality of the was quite good but the major problem was the food was only being kept luke-warm. It was below a safe temperature needed to keep it bacteria free for a long ...?
Reviewed by: Darren B. on: 2008-04-23
For some reason this place is a local hot spot. It is always full, I guess not bad for $8 a plate and all you can eat. On some nights they have snow crab on the buffet. The chines is good, not the best I have had but good. ...?

No.1 China Buffet

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