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36 W 48th St Ste1, New York, NY, 10036

Type:Takeout,Full service



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Wu Liang Ye is an upscale Chinese restaurant which has been serving the local of New York City since 1995. This gourmet temple has the seating capacity of 65 patrons in a decent area of 2,500 square feet.


Being noted for the authentic Szechuan cuisine, Wu Liang Ye has won the hearts of many loyal Chinese-food fans for the past 15 years. This decent eatery has been recommended or highlighted by New York Times, New York Magazine and Zagat.


You must be amazed by holistically elegant and cozy ambience contrasted by the antique decorating materials and the spacious area in vertical direction. At the very entrance, a large Chinese style red lantern hanging on the ceiling conveys a passionate welcoming message to you. The rosewood tables and chairs bring about the classical feeling at once; while three crystal pendant lamps embedded in the ceiling light up the fantasy. The large mirrors on the wall make the dining room much brighter. As for the layout design, the whole area is separated into two parts with an arch. A middle-sized party room that accommodates for 15 people is reserved for different gatherings or parties.

The fabulous ambience is designed to set the tone for the first-rate dishes. If you are the first-time visitor, you may ask about the signatures or some popular dishes, well, here in Wu Liang Ye, Ma Po Tofu, Kung Pao Gai Ding, Dried Fried Frog Leg, Poached Filet Flounder as well as typically Szechuan style Fish w. Soy Bean Sauce are the main bed stones to enhance its competitiveness. “Never stop improving” is the owner, Herman Zeng’s philosophy of running a successful restaurant. So, you have the reason to expect another surprising dish when you return next time.

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