778 S Shelmore Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464 

Opened in 2004, Golden Garden in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is remodeled to feel like other take-outs that you may find in the surrounding area. Despite limited space and humble décor, the restaurant receives high accolades among the customers due to their tasty food and affordable price.


To guarantee the superior quality of its dishes, Golden Garden sources its ingredients from a distribution company in the local market that provides the freshest vegetables and poultry. The white meat chicken is highly recommended by the chefs for its top quality and low fat counts. In addition, the house made sauces are well prepared to make each dish spectacular.


Like other Chinese eateries, Golden Garden features a wide variety of palatable dishes. Targeting the tastes of local diners, the owner modifies Chinese cuisine to create Chinese-American combinations and also adds in some real North-east Chinese cuisine. The top-selling dishes are General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Hunan Styled Tofu and Crispy Eggplant. Authentic Mandarin fare including Rice Noodle w. Pickled Vegetables and Changbai Meat are favorites of Asian customers. While these dishes seem very standard at first glance, the special treatments of the master chef reward the customers with the less oily and healthier creations.


In addition, affordable price is what the takeouts rely on to survive. Especially in the slow economy, customers become more prudent when it comes to dining out, and they prefer take-outs because of its comparatively low price. In Golden Garden, it is priced at 4.75 for lunch and 7.95 for dinner. If you are strolling on Shelmore Blvd. and looking for some fine Chinese food to feed the stomach, no hesitating to go to Golden Garden.