11860 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA, 91732-3040 
626-575-8828  626-575-8388

China Great Buffet serving Chinese, Japanese, Thai cuisine was recognized as 2012 Top100 Chinese Restaurants. It has around 190 seats area that is divided into three main dining areas with 50 to 80 seats each. About 15 of the tables are booths, that would be comfortable for no more than four people.

The restaurant is clean overall, in a way that made the food appetizing and the environment inventing. It has received The Health Department Inspection Certificate with a grade A.The most creative and unique piece of decoration are colorful Asian silk paper balls hung from the ceiling.

The buffet is in a central area and easily accessible to all tables. It has a quite large variety of food. There is a salad and fruit bar, and fried food and soup bar, two hot food bars, a sushi bar, a cold food bar and a dessert bar. The seafood is cooked in a variety of ways, and unusual seafood is available, such as cold crawfish. The restaurant has a good variety of healthier options in the salad and fruit bars, such as steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. Both the hot and cold bar have options, such as seaweed salad, poached shrimp, sweet corn, sushi and baked fish.

The food is well prepared, well seasoned and properly cooked. For instance, the Coconut Shrimp managed to retain the flavor of the shrimp encases in a fried batter and keep its

crispness even covered on coconut and mayonnaise sauce.