218barber ct, Milpitas, CA, 94539 
Full service

Shanghai Delight is located on a busy avenue in Milpitas, California and is known for its authentic Chinese food and friendly service. Opened in 2009, Shanghai Delight is a small establishment with cozy ambience.


Shanghai Delight has already found its niche in the competitive market. Featuring a large selection of Chinese food with an emphasis on real Shanghai cuisine, the restaurant offers customers bountiful and tasty choices, including Shanghai Style Spare Ribs w. Sweet and Sour sauce, Steamed Prawn, and Wheat Gluten Ball in Clay Pot.


What really sets Shanghai Delight apart is the special homemade sauce. Of course, the recipe is a secret but customers won’t mind as long as it continues to be offered. From $5.50 you can enjoy a delicious lunch.  

If you are adventurous enough to taste some authentic Shanghai cuisine, Shanghai Delight will surely impress you. If you are in or near the Bay Area, make sure to stop by this culinary gem.