9433 Westport Road, Louisville, KY, 40241-2219 

About Us

Opened in June, 2010, Fresh Wok has engaged itself in culinary world for as long as three years to provide patrons the authentic Chinese food, mainly focused on Szchuan Cuisine and Hunan Cuisine.

The name “Fresh Wok” has well expressed one of its operating principles: fresh. The tireless chefs carefully pick up the freshest ingredients so as to please customers with original flavor and natural taste.

Fresh Wok features hundreds of dishes with low price but large quantity, so hungry diners need no worry of sharing. What’s more, dishes are classified into various categories and clearly presented on menus, including soup, chicken, fried rice, appetizers combo, beef, etc. like most Chinese restaurants, and what is the most intimate characteristic is that you can also find tasty, interesting and healthy dishes for your kids.

For the first time you step into this restaurant, you may feel at home. The owners are warm-hearted and conversable. When you are chatting with them, you will find them just like your intimate friends. The owner, also is the chef of this restaurant, is dedicated to try his best in this field, so each dish is elaborately cooked. They really know that “taste” plays a key role in restaurant operation and sale and also because of the good flavor, a plenty of dishes become very popular, especially General Tso’s Chicken and Sweet& Sour Chicken.

We all know in this fierce competitive climate, it is really difficult for restaurants to stand out, but Fresh Wok has made it somehow. They are planning to open a second restaurant.

If you want to know more about the secrets driving them into success, you may go to Fresh Wok for a wonderful dining experience.