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816 Eastern Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40217-2262


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China One

Clean and tidy are the two words that come to customers’ mind when they first step into China One. With the main color of orange and yellow, China One creates a wonderful dining environment that can easily makes customer hungry.


At the first glimpse of the menu, you may be surprised by the low prices and extensive selections. You can see that China One lives up to customers’ expectation by providing high quality food with ingredients carefully selected each day, which enables customers to enjoy the freshest delicacies. Moreover, people can eat without any worry of MSG allergy because no monosodium glutamate is used.


For those living around the restaurant, especially students, China One is really the best choice if customers want to order take-out food. Just call ahead of 15 minutes, you will get what you want. Among a large selection of delectable dishes, Sesame Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken are some of the popular pleasers.


By paying attention to customers’ preferences and trying hard to improve the service, China One has cultivated a group of loyal regulars and gained word-of-mouth among students, which results in an increasing turnover.


To satisfy customers’ growing demands, more employees will be recruited in the future.

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