1615 N State Road 7, Lauderhill, FL, 33313-5813




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A Happy Wok is the kind of mom-and-pop takeout eatery located in Lauderhill, Florida. Customers are enthusiastic about the fresh wok dishes cooked by Liu, husband of the couple owner. Consumers can tell immediately if those dishes are not from Liu’s hand. The secret is not that everyone could reach. Experience of over 20 years in the industry, including 5 years operation of a dine-in restaurant, enable Liu to create a subtle balance in any of his dishes. Another trait that retains patrons is different kind of tasty sauces which the couple makes from scratch by themselves. The sauces are very catering to Americans’ appetizer.

Ms. Liu also reminded that patrons keep coming because A Happy Wok offers freshness consistently. For starters, raw materials are ensured to be fresh. Then every dish is made to order, like home-style cooking. So patrons can rest their minds and come to enjoy healthful meals quite often.

Some specialties of A Happy Wok that gain great word-of-mouth include Pepper Steak with Onion and Fried Chicken Wings. Of course regular Americanized dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken, Seasame Chicken are extremely popular.

Actually Liu is an expert Cantonese chef. He is more than happy to cook authentic Cantonese style dishes if any customer would like to try authentic Chinese food.

The couple fully understands the importance of good service to customers is immeasurable. Whenever you sit down to dine in, pick up meals by yourself or call delivery, they all work hard to satisfy you.