4495 Roosevelt Blvd Ste 413, Jacksonville, FL, 32210-3384 

Green Lake Chinese Restaurant is a family-owned takeout eatery with a dedicated owner and efficient staff. With a humble dining room of 2,000 square feet, the bright and cozy restaurant specializes in providing Americanized Chinese food.


There are many popular dishes on the extensive menu, including Sesame Chicken and General Tso’s Chicken. Among the signature offerings, the Sweet & Sour Chicken, which is prepared with the just-right homemade sauce and unique cooking method, is the most popular among local customers. Creative dishes are normally launched periodically to invigorate the menu. Following modern dining trends, healthy diet items are also available at the restaurant. The chefs are very careful with the ingredients they use. The freshest materials are regularly purchased from distribution companies to ensure the highest quality.


Adding to the customer's comfort, Green Lake Chinese Restaurant is always kept warm, clean, and tidy. Maintaining perfect hygiene is something that the owner, Mrs. Liu emphasizes to her staff members.


Customers are ensured to have their meals within 10 minutes after orders are placed. It may be a bit crowded and busy during the rush hour, but this is a testament's to the restaurant's success. With the convenient location, reasonable prices and flexible culinary recipes, it is not difficult to explain why Green Lake Chinese Restaurant is such welcomed by the locals.