504 Shoup AVE, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402-3515

Type:Takeout,Full service



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It is the 2nd time Happy Chinese Restaurant has participated in the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants competition. We regard it as a good opportunity to enhance the restaurant’s reputation and to communicate with other professionals in the industry. We also wish that the restaurant can be acknowledged for our superb services. Above all, customers’ support is also the driving power for Happy Chinese Restaurant’s will to join the competition.

Although Happy Chinese Restaurant is located in a small city, Idaho Falls, the Chinese cuisine competition is very fierce. However, due to our professional service and marvelous dishes, Happy Chinese Restaurant has an increasing annual sales volume over the last 5 years. Happy Chinese Restaurant primarily serves authentic Chinese ethnic cuisine.


Happy Chinese Restaurant has been rewarded for its excellence many times. The restaurant was featured in Idaho Falls, a local magazine, in 2006; The honor of “Best Chinese Restaurant” in 2007 and 2008. The restaurant was awarded for Top 100 Overall Excellence for three consecutive years by the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants competition from 2006 to 2008.

Located in historic downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho, walking distance from the Snake River, and breathtaking falls, Happy Chinese Restaurant is that rare establishment that succeeds despite its location. While city hall is not far away, the old town does not generate much street traffic. Instead, the restaurant’s reputation has built a devoted clientele that sometimes drives over thirty minutes to taste the exquisite dishes at Happy Chinese Restaurant. The enticing Chinese food and cultural ambiance attracts customers from all over the surrounding area- a sure sign of a successful business!

Happy Chinese Restaurant is dine-in establishment with a comfortable 2800 square foot dining space. The restaurant is littered with decorations and baubles to catch the eye. Decked in the eye-catching color red, Chinese knot, lanterns, chairs, and many other decorations help create a pleasing ambiance. Red is a lucky color in Chinese culture and its decoration delivers a meaning of happiness and delight.

Happy Chinese Restaurant serves New Chinese food. Unlike many Chinese restaurants, which specialize in Americanized Chinese food, Happy Chinese Restaurant offers more authentic Chinese food. The owner explains his humble goal: “Helping more and more American people understand the real, authentic Chinese food is the goal I am aim at. I hope I can integrate our splendid Chinese culinary art and culture into our food. Customers are not just enjoying our food, but our culture and culinary art.” Mr. Li is happy to introduce the background of a specific item if customers are curious about a dish’s origin.