15115 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX, 77079-4324


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Located in Huston, Texas, the exterior of Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant is not that eye catching. It doesn’t have gimmicky signs or luxurious interior décor, but it does have its own charm. Cleanliness and elegance are what impress the customers. When customers first step into the restaurant, they are often struck by how orderly everything is set and how spotless the floor and tables are. However, the restaurant is still inviting, giving off a warm feeling, thanks to the various Chinese ornaments that adorn the interior. The hanging red lanterns, potted plants, lucky Chinese knots, and Chinese-inspired paintings bring out a natural and comforting atmosphere.

Along with its stylish décor, Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant also offers an amazing menu jam-packed with Chinese cuisine, which makes the restaurant a big hit among the local residents. The mainstays are its large selection of entrées made with pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. Among these delectable creations, Singapore Mei Fun, Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian Beef are the best sellers.
No one can deny that service is the backbone of a restaurant. The staff members uphold the tenet “Let customers go with a smile”, and they believe that friendly gestures, such as a sincere smile, and genuine care, will impress customers who may consider it as a sign of respect. You might also see the staff racing around the restaurant, busily refilling the water, drinks, and delivering the food. Sure they are busy but if you need some suggestion, the knowledgeable staff will take some time to suggest some tasty creations or interesting combinations.