3675 W FLORIDA AVE, HEMET, CA, 92545-3516 
Full service
Szechuan,Cantonese ,American-Chinese

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Sun.-Thurs.:11:00am-9:30pm Fri.-Sat.:11:00am-10:00pm
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Full service
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Top 100 Specialty  (2010)


Reviewed by: Rlimitt on: 2017-02-16
This restaurant is very rude there is a Mexican employee said my wife was cheap because she refused an order cause they did not know how to cook the entree. The customer service is a 3 on the scale of 1 to10. The same employee was arguing in the kitchen. The food is so so if you want Chinese food go to Panda Express at least there is no name calling.
Reviewed by: meghan on: 2011-10-18
The good: This is our go-to Chinese in Hemet. The help is friendly and gracious and always make us feel welcome. The food is delicious, generous, and very reasonable. The ambiance is cute enough for a date, usually quiet, and decorated in that classic Chinese restaurant way. If you're a gringo and all you eat is Orange Chicken, you're in luck! Theirs is delicious and not the color of Cal-Trans vests. You can eat it and not look like a toddler. Other delicious offerings include their Egg Foo Yong. Get it with shrimp; they are generous with the serving of protein and the sauce is mouth-watering and packed with mushrooms. Utterly fantastic. The Sweet and Pungent dishes are delicately spicy and very satisfying, I recommend the scallops. Their soups are a wonderland of white pepper and subtle flavors. Their fried rice dishes are likewise loaded with meat and impressive. Get an order of cream cheese wontons and eat them while they're hot. You will not be sorry. They deliver, which is rare in this valley. Our to-go orders are normally ready in less than 15 minutes, packaged neatly in a cardboard box, and include small freebies for being repeat customers. Two people can have an excellent lunch for $25, my house of 4 spends $50 and we have a mountain of dinner and excellent leftovers. You say MSG makes you want to punch baby dolphins? They don't use it! I've never ordered anything I didn't like. The bad: Delivery is done by a sweet young man, but sometimes takes a while. I get the feeling they send him out with multiple orders at once, and our stop was probably his last. He was friendly and armed with chopsticks and extra sauces, but the food was lukewarm. We now prefer to pick up, but it's very close. Overall: You say you are broke as a McHooker on Sunday? They mail out coupons! Look for them. These guys are turning out good-quality, meat-heavy, non-gut-shredding Chinese food. It's affordable, delicious, varied, and served by cool people. They are located right next to Target, give them a try!
Reviewed by: cherish on: 2011-10-18
This is my go to Chinese restaurant in Hemet. The food is great and the service is friendly. The portions are generous and prices are pretty good. My favorite appetizers are the cream cheese wontons and the teriyaki beef sticks. Three people can eat lunch for about $25.00.