1501 E Beltline Ave Ne, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525-4507 
Full service,Dine in
American-Chinese,Asian fusion,Other

Business Hours:
Lunch Mon.-Sat.:11am-3pm
Dinner Mon.-Thurs.:4pm-10pm
Sun.All Dinner 12noon-9pm
Hibachi Closed Between 2:30pm to 4:00pm.(Mon. - Fri. )
Restaurant Location
Number of Employees
Number of Seats
Average Price
Private Room
Party Order
Full Bar Service
Parking Lot
Restaurant Type
Full service
Dine in
Asian fusion

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Reviewed by: dubridgec on: 2020/5/11 6:59:27
Hello, I placed an order yesterday for Carol for 2 rolls and Mongolian beef for pick up at 5. We attempted this several times and you phone line was not working And the parking lot was full of people waiting but no deliveries came out the door. We never received our order and would like our $28.00 refunded to our card. You have my phone number so either call me with a confirmation that you received this or email me Carol Dubridge
Reviewed by: ruth.aronoff on: 2020/5/10 15:52:36
Please cancel order for Ruth Aronoff ID 524858540 I waited 2 hours outside And left.
Reviewed by: krisha.graves on: 2020/5/10 15:28:35
Hello. We have an order under Krisha Graves. What is the process for picking up, we are in the parking lot and see several people standing outside waiting. Thank you!
Reviewed by: docmiller4665 on: 2020/4/27 14:00:16
I am possibly interested in ordering your sushi platter that I saw on EatGR on facebook. I saw a small one for 35.00 or a medium one for 65.00. I am not seeing it on the menu. Can you please send me info on this? I would like to order for my son's birthday this week.
Reviewed by: vicstack on: 2020/4/4 14:06:30
Do I order online via here?
Reviewed by: tom.maher on: 2020/2/25 7:26:32
We would like a reservation for 15 people on March 5th at 11:45 am for lunch. Thank You Tom Maher
Reviewed by: cynroberts on: 2020/2/6 6:58:18
Do you sell gift certificates?
Reviewed by: tscsi1 on: 2020/1/27 5:18:17
Went there on Saturday evening. Everything was good except the chef used way too much salt on the rice. He might have been new. Anyway you should try and school your chefs not to over salt things.
Reviewed by: drsmith0714 on: 2019/12/16 6:45:42
Hello, Looking to take my son to dinner this Weds (Dec 18th) to celebrate his 16th birthday. Do I need to make reservations? Please let me know either way? Thank you so much. Sincerely, Dan Smith cell - 616-292-7761
Reviewed by: luke.malski on: 2019/12/14 17:25:25
Hi, I just dined there with my wife. We've been there several times before and really enjoyed it. I ordered the karaka ramen and it was gross. It tasted like you butchered the old boar. It had a foul pork flavor that was not even edible. The server was so busy and stressed it wasn't worth even trying to tell her so that's why I am emailing you. My wife's basil chicken was great tho! Luke
Reviewed by: luke.malski on: 2019/12/14 17:25:02
Hi, I just dined there with my wife. We've been there several times before and really enjoyed it. I ordered the karaka ramen and it was gross. It tasted like you butchered the old boar. It had a foul pork flavor that was not even edible. The server was so busy and stressed it wasn't worth even trying to tell her so that's why I am emailing you. My wife's basil chicken was great tho! Luke
Reviewed by: luke.malski on: 2019/12/14 17:24:48
Hi, I just dined there with my wife. We've been there several times before and really enjoyed it. I ordered the karaka ramen and it was gross. It tasted like you butchered the old boar. It had a foul pork flavor that was not even edible. The server was so busy and stressed it wasn't worth even trying to tell her so that's why I am emailing you. My wife's basil chicken was great tho! Luke
Reviewed by: bildner on: 2019/11/29 14:09:11
Are you open on Christmas Day? If so, do you take reservations?
Reviewed by: kellrad1 on: 2019/11/26 7:01:16
are you open on thanksgiving and if so, can I still make reservations?
Reviewed by: wrs4562 on: 2019/11/13 6:41:55
I am looking to make reservations for 10 guest on 11/22/19. Hoping to sit at the grill. It would be for 7pm. Do you take reservations? Thank you Wendy
Reviewed by: savannah.tolar on: 2019/11/11 12:56:57
Hello, We are interested in setting up our christmas party for our staff. Is this something you could accommodate a group of 30 people? Thank you, Savannah Tolar
Reviewed by: cremerib on: 2019/10/24 15:36:43
How do I make a reservation? I tried calling and it kept beeping. I am trying to make a reservation for tomorrow at 7:30 pm
Reviewed by: hfrank.miypo on: 2019/9/27 9:32:49
Good afternoon, do you cater to private parties? Looking for catering for a private corporate party in January for 80ppl-Ramen bar, sushi, korean pancakes Thank you, Heather Frank YPO West Michigan 616-402-8163
Reviewed by: jlwood05 on: 2019/9/11 8:35:37
Hi, Is it possible to purchase a gift certificate online? Thanks, Jenna Wood
Reviewed by: karenlcoe on: 2019/6/28 11:57:48
Hello, Is there a direct contact I would be able to send some information to regarding an upcoming fundraiser, seeking an in kind donation ? Thank you for your assistance. Kindest Regards, Karen Coe
Reviewed by: mrjrob99 on: 2019/5/11 19:56:43
Hi! Can you send me something about your catering prices? Currently I am planning on 54 people and am interested in the following: almond chicken.mongolian beef. hunan shrimp. shrimp & scallop hunan. pad thai veggie tofu. pad thai chicken. veggie fried rice. lo mein
Reviewed by: mrjrob99 on: 2019/5/11 19:52:00
Hi! I'm wondering about your catering prices. Do you have something you can send me? Tentatively I'm looking at 54 people and the following dishes: almond chicken mongolian beef hunan shrimp shrimp & scallop hunan pad thai veggie tofu pad thai chicken veggie fried rice lo mein
Reviewed by: tammieatjustbe on: 2019/5/4 12:25:16
So so disappointed. Feeling ripped off
Reviewed by: mjgoebel27 on: 2019/3/20 8:00:05
ISJ Academy will be holding our 11th annual fundraiser golf outing this spring. We are doing this fundraiser to help with our special education program and to keep tuition costs lower for our family members and community. The golf outing will be held on May 18, 2019 at the Scott Lake Country Club. We are anticipating 100 people to join us on the day. Last year our organization made about $7200 at our outing. We are looking to match or increase that amount. ISJ has been a fixture in the Grand Rapids community for over 150 years. Our school helps build a solid foundation for our students in the academic world. Our school is writing this letter to ask for a donation from your company. All donations will go to a raffle/silent auction to raise funds. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration, Mari-Jo Goebel ISJ Academy 2066 Oakwood NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (616) 363-0505 501(c)3 Tax number- 38-1966895 www.mychristianschool.com
Reviewed by: mrsbmauk on: 2019/3/18 5:57:05
Do you donate gift cards to local 501(c)(3) organizations? We will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Meadow Brook Elementary in the Forest Hills school district the week of May 6-10. It is an opportunity to honor our amazing teachers and staff with a donation from important business leaders like you. These donations will be gifted to teachers and staff selected at random. Supporting businesses will be highlighted on the PTO website, posters and newsletters. Our tax ID number is 38-3065549. Please contact me with questions or for more information. We thank you greatly for your consideration! Sincerely, Beth Mauk - Staff Appreciation Committee Chair
Reviewed by: jared1justin on: 2019/3/8 6:30:37
Does your company do reservations? If so, what availability do you have on Wednesday, March 27 after 6:30 pm? Thank you for your time, Jared Justin
Reviewed by: jared1justin on: 2019/3/8 6:30:36
Does your company do reservations? If so, what availability do you have on Wednesday, March 27 after 6:30 pm? Thank you for your time, Jared Justin
Reviewed by: diomed1 on: 2019/3/7 18:42:14
Are reservations a good idea on Friday evenings? We have a party of five for tomorrow. Please let me know.
Reviewed by: theresav on: 2019/2/18 8:11:45
Hi there - A group of us came to your place yesterday for the first time. I want to let you know that from beginning to end it was amazingly perfect. We has Bobby as our Chef and i cannot say enough good things about him. He is hilarious, observant, and just a great guy you have working for you! We will be returning soon and hope to experience it all over again. Its important to share with a company as yours what great people you have working for you. Thank you!
Reviewed by: ariana.alvizo on: 2019/2/18 6:14:36
Hello, we are following up on a request we sent for employment and payroll records on Elizabeth Orlando. Please contact our office 888-531-2919 ext 8821. When calling please use order # J72907 P
Reviewed by: hayzojo13 on: 2019/2/11 14:32:01
Hello, my name is Hayley. I was wondering if you took reservations for dinner time hibachi? Celebrating three different birthdays. Also how many seats are at a hibachi table?
Reviewed by: cookmk80 on: 2019/1/10 6:51:34
Do you do any type of reservations for larger parties?
Reviewed by: zdanowsb on: 2018/12/18 18:25:07
What time do you close on Christmas Eve?
Reviewed by: mdkroll on: 2018/12/12 11:33:41
Are you open on Monday, December 24, 2018 and if yes what hours? Thank you
Reviewed by: jamie on: 2018/11/8 7:52:55
Hello! We are looking to host our Holiday lunch for our company at your establishment on December 18 if possible. Do you have availability that day? We would be about 25-30 people. Thank you! Jamie Payment
Reviewed by: kas_sweeris on: 2018/11/1 13:34:22
To Whom It May Concern, I'm planning a reservation for November 21, 2018 (3 weeks from now) and I was hoping this would be a good way to get in touch with you for now. I'm expecting a party between 12-15 people. Please feel free to call for more information at (616)403-4001. I look forward to your response!
Reviewed by: verah on: 2018/10/26 11:04:37
Hello I am wondering if your able to accommodate a group of 40 to 50 people on Saturday January 12, 2019? If so can you give me specifics on what exactly you offer? Thank you Vera Hamacher
Reviewed by: jutanyasha on: 2018/10/22 11:09:40
Hello, do you guys have any birthday specials?
Reviewed by: brittanydprice on: 2018/9/2 19:40:46
We had our daughters 9 th Birthday there tonight. We had a big party over 30 people and FujiYama did amazing!! The staff was wonderful, and took great care of all the guest. They were very accommodating and just all around wonderful! Everyone left very happy and full! Thank you for a great night!
Reviewed by: kristina.harrison on: 2018/8/24 13:55:14
What is your address? I don't see it anywhere on your website.
Reviewed by: kimg on: 2018/8/10 5:14:18
Do you offer Christmas parties for businesses? We are interested in possibly having our company Christmas party at your location. We would have approximately 50 people, we would need a Saturday in December, preferably the 1st or 15th. Please let me know. My number is 616-245-9102 or my cell is 616-893-8811. Thank you. Kim Gerow
Reviewed by: treversvarc21 on: 2018/8/9 8:58:13
hello this is Trever Svarc, i was wondering if your establishment was hiring servers at this time. i sent my resume to you on indeed.com and i was just wondering if there was another place i could submit it for you. if you need a number to reach me it is (989-627-4279) thank you!
Reviewed by: treversvarc21 on: 2018/8/9 8:55:57
Hello this is Trever Svarc, i was wondering if this establishment was hiring servers at the time, i put my application in on indeed.com, but i just wanted to check and see if there was another way for me to send you my resume. if you would like a phone number to contact me it is (989-627-4279) thank you!
Reviewed by: batmom81277 on: 2018/8/3 9:16:08
Are there last night with boyfriend and we both woke up sick not sure if had any other complaints but just letting you know.
Reviewed by: scott on: 2018/8/3 8:55:54
Hello, I just listed for sale a long-standing Asian restaurant here in Grand Rapids. Their sales are a consistent $1.4 - 1.6 Million per year and they also own their real estate. Please let me know if you have any interest. Scott Ryskamp Ryskamp Realty 616.821.5154
Reviewed by: jlock110396 on: 2018/7/24 16:21:48
Do I need to make a reservation or can I just walk in?
Reviewed by: kari.olmsted on: 2018/6/20 10:26:42
Hi there - we just placed an order for Northpointe Bank - again :) This time we were missing quite a few sides for the lunch specials (the roll and the crab cheese) - not a huge deal just wanted to let you know as people were counting on them to go with their lunch and we didn't have them. thanks!
Reviewed by: traceethomas3 on: 2018/5/25 10:34:41
I order the 3 roll lunch special and paid online. My total said $12.72, however when my coworker came back with food you all charged my card $13.25. Firstly you can not charge my card after I have been emailed what was supposed to be taken off my card! I assume that the extra charge for for the Wasabi and the extra Soy sauce which I did not even get! This amount needs to be corrected to reflect what my original email receipt stated! I can't believe that I eat there at least once for lunch and once a week with my family! Very disappointed!
Reviewed by: lindsey.dempster on: 2018/5/16 13:03:00
Good afternoon, My department is hosting a celebration dinner on June 19 from 4:30-6:30 for approximately 25 people. Do you have a private room or table available to accommodate this request? Do you offer Spectrum Health a discount? Thank you, Lindsey Dempster
Reviewed by: lindsey.dempster on: 2018/5/16 13:01:46
Good afternoon. My department is hosting a celebration dinner for 25 people on June 19 from 4:30-6:30 for about 25 people. Do you have a room/table available to accommodate this request? Do you offer Spectrum Health a discount? Thank you, Lindsey Dempster
Reviewed by: tyler.oftknapp on: 2018/5/15 15:28:31
Hi! I am with Orangetheory Knapp's Crossing, opening up the street near the D&W. We are reaching out to businesses in the area to see if we can partner for raffle prizes for our new members? We let members spin a wheel after signing up with us to win a prize and we are trying to let our members know what great offerings there are around the studio. Who could we talk to at Fuji Yama about this possibility? Thanks!
Reviewed by: tilden on: 2018/5/9 11:43:36
lunch with Missad.
Reviewed by: gwen on: 2018/4/24 8:56:06
I would like to make a reservation for April 25th @ 11:45 for 6 people for the Hibachi lunch.
Reviewed by: natalie on: 2018/4/13 6:05:49
I would like to reserve a hibachi table for 8 people on May 2nd at 12:30 pm. Please confirm. Thank you, Natalie Florio
Reviewed by: mladd2002 on: 2018/3/29 11:04:27
I'd like to make a reservation for 6 people at 6:30pm, tonight (March 29) for a Hibachi meal. One person is also gluten free. Please reserve under the last name of Ladd. My phone number is 616-822-4038 if you need any other info, or reply to the email above. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you! Michele
Reviewed by: shoppurrrr on: 2018/3/28 5:19:38
Do you have a minimum for hibachi at 130ish in the afternoon? Thank you! Anne
Reviewed by: whanson on: 2018/3/26 7:55:05
Do you have private dining available for 20 people? We would like to host a lunch on April 23rd or 24th. I'm especially interested in the Hibachi Grills.
Reviewed by: marckinihome on: 2018/3/18 12:27:11
can i make reservations
Reviewed by: ampabell on: 2018/3/16 21:35:53
I apologize if this is a duplicate email. My computer froze up after I hit your "send" button below. I am contacting you to find out the process for donation requests. If you could email me back with these details, that would be wonderful. Thanks so much! Ann Peliotes ampabell@gmail.com
Reviewed by: ampabell on: 2018/3/16 21:31:16
I am contacting you to inquire about the process for donation requests. I'm with Forest Hills Central Bat Club (Boys Baseball Booster Club) and we are having a Home Run Derby and Family Picnic on April 21, 2018. We are providing prizes for all three levels (freshmen, JV, and Varsity) hitting. We are hoping to be able to add Fuji Yama to our prize list. Please email me back and let me know what you need from me in order to consider. Thanks so much! Ann Peliotes ampabell@gmail.com
Reviewed by: ssalas on: 2018/3/6 8:30:08
Was wondering if you have availability tonight 3-6-18 @7:00 for a party of 8? It's my daughters 9th Birthday!! Thank you!
Reviewed by: mah4 on: 2018/2/22 17:19:06
Would you have availability for 11 people, mostly children, tomorrow evening, February 23rd?
Reviewed by: dawnmarie1297 on: 2018/2/1 6:44:08
I would like to make a reservation for the Hibachi dinner. Do you have availability for 3 on Saturday February 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm. It is my son's 21st birthday. Do you do anything special for birthdays? I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you. Dawn Drudy
Reviewed by: niclbrown on: 2018/1/30 10:56:35
Hello! I was just curious if it was possible to make reservations with you? If you could let me know when you get the chance that would be great. Thank You.
Reviewed by: jmcsluiter on: 2018/1/21 11:35:49
I am working on the Hutchings family benefit that takes place on April 14, 2018 at Westgate Bowl banquet room in Comstock Park. Greg Hutchings passed away in December from cancer and Cheryl Hutchings is battling breast cancer. They were married 25 years and have 6 children. They live in Grand Rapids. The benefit will include prize raffles, silent auction and bake sale. Would you be willing to donate a gift card to the raffle or silent auction? All money raised will go directly to this deserving family. I can stop by with a poster and tax Id number. Thank you Carmen Sluiter
Reviewed by: vicki.veersma on: 2017/12/18 13:35:50
Looking to reserve a Hibachi grill for 12 people on Thursday, Dec 21 at 11:30am. Can I call to make reservations?
Reviewed by: jimmolchan on: 2017/12/18 8:41:37
Do you take reservations? We are looking for 4 for hibachi on Dec 24th at 4PM. Thank you
Reviewed by: mikie mcvey on: 2017/12/16 7:24:03
Hi, we have a party of 7 for Habatchi dinner, this Thursday, December 21 at 5:30. Can we make reservations for this?
Reviewed by: jncanham on: 2017/12/12 3:55:01
Do you sell gift cards?
Reviewed by: zvort41 on: 2017/12/7 9:04:33
Do you have gift cards available? And will you mail them for a fee?
Reviewed by: mandimarie2424 on: 2017/12/7 6:25:34
is there a way to apply for a server position? thank you for oyur time. mandi meier
Reviewed by: better1500 on: 2017/11/30 10:46:13
Hello my name is Pedro Garcia. I am 17 years old ,and I am currently finishing high school. I am also a magician with 6 years of experience performing. I was just curious if you needed a performance art to entertain your customers while they wait to be seated, or as service that could benefit you and your customers? I would very be glad to stop anytime at Fuji Yama to perform some magic to you, and see what you think. Thank you!
Reviewed by: test on: 2017/11/23 0:36:56
Reviewed by: Lora S. on: 11/24/2013 2:12:42 AM
Been here 3 times now. OMG so good! First time I've had Sushi. The golden roll is to die for. You may sit in dining area or like for my birthday we went to the hibachi grill side.Either one you will not be disappointed. LOVE IT!
Reviewed by: Saira S. on: 7/20/2013 8:45:20 AM
AMAZING CRAB RANGOON! AMAZING SERVICE! I ran over here one day while out and about, absolutely starving and in a hurry, and the sweetest girl took the best care of me! She recommended a few quick options, ran back to tell the Chef what my situation was and came back minutes later with a huge bowl full of Miso soup (WONDERFUL) and 6 Crab Rangoon. The prices were absolutely perfect, extremely reasonable, especially for the quality! Thank you Fuji Yama for saving me that day!