1501 E Beltline Ave Ne, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525-4507 
Full service,Dine in
American-Chinese,Asian fusion,Other

Fuji Yama Japanese Steak House is such a large restaurant possessing over 180 seats.

It has a Dining Room, Bar, Sushi Bar, Hibachi Room and a Private Party room with two more Hibachi Grills inside. Patrons can enjoy a mix flavor of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Hibachi and Sushi.

This restaurant had a vast amount of items available to order. There are well over 100 items on the menu, plus the Sushi and Lunch Items. Every dish is made without MSG in a healthy way and the food is so delicious and delicate.

For instance, the salad is served in a small wooden bowl. It is bagged iceberg lettuce mix with carrots and purple cabbage. It has a creamy ginger dressing on it.

The Hibachi Chicken is moist and has a rich full flavor. The sauces that are put on it while it is cooking came out almost like a teriyaki flavor. The sesame seeds that are added just as it is finished cooking really added a nice texture to the meat.

The Hibachi Steak is cooked to medium as ordered. It is warm on the outside and still a little cool on the inside. It has a nice, rich flavor as well.

The Hibachi Vegetables, a mixture of zucchini, onion, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, are grilled to tender with the sesame seeds on them.

The Fried Rice is prepared on the grill, and it is moist and fluffy. There are diced carrots and onion as well as egg cooked with some oil and sauces, and it is not oily.

All of the food is served with a large portions and really worthy to order.