Royal Panda


3120 Village Shops Drive #23, Germantown, TN, 38138
  • Minimum $25.00 for delivery.
  • Please bring your method of payment (credit card/cash) for in store pickup.

Type:Full service

Cuisine:Chinese Food

Sesame Bean Cake
Shrimp Rolls
Barbeque Pork
Beef With Bell Pepper
Hunan Beef
Kung Pao Chicken
Hunan Chicken
Chicken With Bell Pepper
Empress Chicken
Ginger Chicken
Noodle Pulling
Fried Rice
Beef on Orange Flavor
Royal Panda Basket
Lowg Fong Wedding
Peking Duck
Shrimp With Walnuts
Roast Beef Noodle Soup
Noodle Pulling
Noodle Pulling
Noodle Pulling
Noodle Pulling
Mandarin Pork
Shrimp With Snow Peas
Orange Roughy in White Sauce
Steamed Sea Bass
Ta-Chien Chicken
Shrimp in Orange Sauce
Shrimp With Spinach
Shrimp With Asparagus
Royal Panda Shrimp
Special Lunch
Royal Panda×