Dynasty Buffet


2900 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC, 28056


Cuisine:Chinese Food,Asian,Japanese,Sushi,Seafood


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About Our Restaurant
Established in 2006, Dynasty Buffet has been pleasing the local residents of Gastonia, North Carolina ever since. The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and can serve more than 210 customers in its 7,200 square feet. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style. The woody chairs and tables are based on an authentic design. Eye-catching carvings can be found on the walls. And finally, the background music expresses a romantic ambiance of traditional Chinese music and Piano. The variety of food offered at Dynasty Buffet is astounding. The menu offers selections—large and small—from Chinese cuisine and also fruit, salad, and desserts. Owner Mr. Chen said, “All of my foods are very fresh, which guarantees a strict level of quality. That is why my restaurant gains customers’ word-of-mouth.” The most popular dishes are Coconut Shrimp and Hong Kong Steak. These dishes stand out from those at other nearby eateries because of their unique flavors and overall taste. “Why I have many returning customers is because they like my food, service and dining environment. I treat all customers like I take care of babies.” Chen says, explaining the restaurant’s success.
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