4760 Hard Scrabble Rd, Columbia, SC, 29229 

Bright and clean with a well decorated environment, Peking Wok is a better above average Chinese take-out located in Columbia, South Carolina. Consumers could either call in and later pick up or dine in at one of the several tables. This is a beloved eatery by office workers, high school students and residents.

The owner Ms. Pan is proud to provide consumers with a pleasant interior, considerate service and scrumptious food. The restaurant is run by a tightly related family which treat customers like good friends and neighbors. There was once a customer greatly moved by the family because he was tolerated to pay money the other day when he wasn’t able to pay for the meal by accident. And  the couple was so generous that they choose to trust the diner. Undoubtedly, Peking Wok gained more loyalty.

The kind couple are sure that the standards for a good take-out should be like theirs. They provide not only pleasing environment, considerate service, but also spectacular food. They have a slew of best selling dishes like Bourbon Chicken, Dragon and Phoenix, Chicken with mushrooms, General Tso’s Chicken and Sesame Chicken. They are especially proud of homemade sauces, which can be counted as signature that cannot be found elsewhere. According to Ms. Pan, from Seafood Delight to relatively low- price dishes, all menu items sell well.

Additionally, Ms Pan keeps menu prices steady, regardless of global changing economy. Thus, more and more patrons stick to Peking Wok.