CHICAGO, IL, 60639-4853
American-Chinese ,

Over the years, due to overall outstanding operation, Lee’s Garden has become the preferred take-out restaurant among locals of Chicago, Illinois. While it’s not a large-scale restaurant --- only a 1,000 square feet family-run eatery --- in the area, the authentic dishes available at this restaurant are so delicious and varied that each customer is always satisfied.


Featuring in Americanized style Chinese cuisine, Lee’s Garden has been serving classical yet unique dishes to appreciative locals, as well as making them feel at home. The chef guarantees to prepare every dish to have the just-balanced flavor. Some of the most popular and unique dishes offered on the menu is Orange Chicken, Mexican Fried Rice and Mongolian Beef.


The restaurant knows that the key to attracting repeated customers is a harmonious combination of quality food, excellent sanitation and friendly service. In addition, timely delivery service is also available at the Lee’s Garden. No matter regular or new visitors are ensured to receive the warmest welcome and will be deeply impressed by the owner’s beaming smile.


When you decide to eat-out, what else is more important than a pleasant dining experience?