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About Us

Welcome to Wok Cuisine.

Located in the beautiful city of AveChicago, our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you.

We pick ingredients carefully and use only the freshest and natural ones to prepare every dish, and have been trying to cook them in a healthier way to provide the most nutritious food. Much attention has been attached to ensure you a cozy and inviting ambiance where you could enjoy not only the great meal but also the authentic atmosphere.

The owner and all staff in Wok Cuisine will greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. We have made painstaking efforts to create the tidiest and cleanest dining place, and guarantee you with friendly and timely service. All of your demands and feelings will be cared in our restaurant.

If you have any comment or suggestion, or want to get more specific information about us, feel free to contact us at 773-588-8883, or browse our website, we will be delight to hear from you any time!

Welcome to experience the best meals in our fairyland!


Located in Chicago, Wok Cuisine restaurant has been a heartful Chinese take-out serving the community around for nine years. It has been well-known for freshness and variety. Someone has even posted the scene of them hancrafted snow peas on social media network. Apart from vegetables, the meat and protein product are all guaranteed to be the best ingredients. Although as we know, the beef price has been increased all the way, Mr Chen, the owner of Wok Cuisine still insists in purchasing from Cisco, top 500 company, to ensure quality. Most importantly, he didn’t put the higher cost onto customers. His menu prices wouldn’t soar.

In our interview, Mr. Chen also revealed that numerous patrons of Wok Cuisine made his business. He cherishes every customer and makes every effort to keep them happy. So first, he ensures freshness and quality of ingredients. Then, the restaurant will provide a variety of choices for consumers. Along with such classic Chinese dishes as Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Orange Chicken, the owner would buy special Chinese ingredients from the China Town not far away to give customers a little excitement. For diners who is on a diet, tofu dishes meet their needs of both savor and low calories. Sesame Tofu, General Tso’s Tofu are extremely popular among patrons.

Delivery service highlights Wok Cuisine as well. They never let customers down by always presenting hot and fresh meals when delivery to houses, which by far has accumulated huge word-of-mouth. “We know consumers want not only fabulous food, but considerate service and comfortable environment. And we try to make it. We are planning to turn ourselves into a dine-in restaurant and provide upper scale service to more comsumers.”

Last but not least, he especially expressed that Wok Cuisine would not be what it is today without patrons trust and support. His staff would serve every consumer in a gratitude mood in his restaurant.

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