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Reviewed by: debkevkng on: 2021/3/26 15:21:33
We have been ordering food from this restaurant for about 6 years. It is always very good. We went to pick up a to go order tonight - they are now charging >50/packet for the sauces. Ridiculous - they used to put some in the bag and then you could get what you needed. Very disappointed.
Reviewed by: vh on: 2021/3/13 17:39:14
Hello. I use to really love your food because it was always fresh and you did not use MSG. The last time I ordered from you the food tasted rotten and sour at times. I don't know if you had to cut corners because of the pandemic. If that is the case I can't eat your food any longer. I don't want to get sick.
Reviewed by: mpowers7791 on: 2020/12/23 10:59:29
Hands down absolute best Chinese food in town. Been going for over 15 years and never ever had a bad meal. Customizes my order when I request a menu change. Love the vegie delight with General Sou Sauce- yummo! Crab rangoon and egg rolls are awesome. Only wish we could get a lower sodium sauce for those with high blood pressure who crave it in my family. Be the only wish if possible. Staff is always friendly too. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: paul on: 2020/10/26 13:28:21
What is the “natural ingredient” that you use instead of MSG? It has a tingling effect on my tongue. Not like hot pepper. More like some kind of acidic substance.
Reviewed by: jebayer99 on: 2020/7/18 16:53:45
The food is ok. It is not any better than any other Chinese restaurant I have tried. So it's average. Just check your bags before you leave. We had an item missing and we had to go back to get it. Well we did get 2 extra fortune cookies for our trouble. ??
Reviewed by: bmtracy on: 2019/9/12 12:32:27
The good here was good but has really went down hill. The sweet & sour chicken was small and looked like frozen really dry. Rice had peas that were not cooked and egg roll was small and over cooked.
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Reviewed by: bward375 on: 2019/2/22 6:56:28
I was in for lunch and had war su gai - the chicken was excellent and crispy - however the sauce needs some work. I gave always had the sauce more yellow/orange and poured over the chicken. I like that sauce much better. Your sauce is too brown and not very appealing looking.
Reviewed by: tamalamb1 on: 2018/10/27 15:32:29
I have never had a bad meal from Dragon China until today. I ordered the House Specialty General Tso Shrimp and I have never been so disappointed in my life. The breading was coming off of the shrimp and there is no sauce to put on the white dry rice. Alot of the shrimp were cooked very hard to the point of unedible. I will never order from the House Specialties Menu again. The 2 egg rolls were good. A total waste of $14/$15 dollars. Unsatisfied customer! ?
Reviewed by: dreemesicle on: 2018/8/8 6:27:29
Hello, we absolutely love, love, love your food! I wanted to ask if you sell your fortune cookies in bulk (300 or more) and if so, how much would they be? Thanks so much and have a great day! Tammy Hazen
Reviewed by: baller23ej22 on: 2018/7/19 13:36:59
I’m sorry for that big order my little cousin took my phone and said he was playing and ordering game and said he placed a very big order in very sorry about that and I hope you can forgive
Reviewed by: pfs.upt97 on: 2018/7/8 17:41:27
When you order Fried Rice the young man will serve plain fried rice!!!!! Nothing in it, but look at their menu. Plain Fried Rice is not on the menu. He screws me every time!
Reviewed by: mhawkins_fnms on: 2018/6/21 17:05:22
I love coming to this place they are the greatest customer service I've ever seen their food has no preservatives or any type of harm to your body. It's all natural they have won the prize as the top 100 best restaurants. They are the top one in my heart. Thank you. You guys are awesome period food always on time and it tastes great.

Dragon China

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