803 N. Aspen Ave., Broken Arrow, OK, 74012-2242 

As is known to Chinese, Nanjing road is one of the most prosperous avenues of Shanghai province. In America, Aspen Avenue is to Broken Arrow just as Nanjing Road is to Shanghai. Along with Walmart, Divinity School and a church on this busy road, Shanghai Avenue Supper Buffet, a Chinese restaurant, has become the flavor of the mouth since grand opening.

With a European-style look outside, the interior, which can hold over 350 people, is rather Chinese. Whether it is because of the dining ambiance or scrumptious food provided or some other elements, Shanghai Avenue has been steadily patronized by office workers and families, who would always prefer healthy and convenient fare with great prices. All customers go for the super buffet here.

The five food stations hold a pretty standard lineup of dishes, consisting of three bars of hot dishes and two bars of side dishes. Americanized Chinese cuisine and American cuisine make up hot bars, while cold bars include desserts, fruits and salad. Some special dishes that are mostly seen in a fine dining restaurant, such as coconut chicken, are also available. What is different from other restaurant is the restaurant’s sauce, as every dish would be cooked with an exclusive sauce rather than use the same sauce to all dishes.

Obviously this is not that simple to accomplish without firm and powerful support from chefs. Notables in the kitchen of Shanghai Avenue are Yiao, an experienced chef from New York, who grew up in Guangdong China learning cooking; and two part-timers, one of whom is from Malaysia working at P.F. Chang's China Bistro, the other is an American Chinese from Hong Kong, expert at Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sum; and Guo, who also works at Southern Hills Country Club.

Creative team helps bring more value to Shanghai Avenue, which is thinking of starting a breakfast buffet that will be due next month. This could meet the demand of a large potential market. In another aspect, a drive-through is on planning as the next step, which would lessen ordering time for car users and help mitigate heavy traffic.

Shanghai Avenue aims to become a local brand restaurant as the owner Huang is confident on the fact that he knows the area like the back of his hand after decades of working here.