YING HUI Chinese Restaurant


303 Us Highway 130, Bordentown, NJ, 08505


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The Winner!
Ying Hui Chinese Restaurant has been a cornerstone in the community for many years by consistently offering palatable food,excellent service,good sanitary condition,and affordable prices.Recently,it significantly outperformed their counterparts and was honored the 'Top 100 Nutrition Friendly Menus'award at the 2007 Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA competition.By sourcing the freshest and highest quality of ingredients to create innovative dishes and modern interpretations of classic combinations,the property always has something unique to delight patrons' imagination.'Be attentive to details'is the principle that Ying Hui adheres to and each staff is dedicated in their pursuit of customer satisfaction.Staff personally cater to every customers' requests and prepare each dish accordingly to their preference.In addition,the establishement takes much pride on providing excellent sanitary conditions,ensuring patrons with a tidy and clean environment.
Ying Hui is a small take-out eatery that attracts customers by simply delivering delicious delicacies to the Bordentown community in a timely manner. Ying Hui’s menu draws from Sichuan and other culinary traits together into a winning combination. The restaurant incorporates a wide repertoire of 200 items and dares to satisfy everyone. “Ying Hui,” meaning “to go towards the rising sun” in Chinese, has definitely lived up to its name with its excellent service and innovation, making it one of Bordentown’s brightest stars.
Owner Hui Lin’s dedication to providing the freshest and highest quality of products really showcases itself in the restaurant’s three signature dishes: Chicken with Garlic Sauce, Seafood Delight and Hot & Sour Soup. These are the ordinary offerings that can be easily found in the nearby restaurants, but Mr, Lin has the dexterous skills to make extraordinary creations.
Service, for the take-out restaurants, is somewhat limited to answering the phone and packing orders, but it calls for dedication to details. Throughout these years, you will find Mr. Lin and his staff team happily greeting customers and doing the utmost to satisfy them.
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