3703 Garth Road, Baytown, TX, 77521 

Hibachi Grill & Buffet is decorated appealingly, without being ostentatious. Going with a consistent theme of simplicity, the booth, wooden tables, and chairs are neatly arranged, allowing for diners to dine without getting distracted. When you walk into this spacious restaurant, you’ll be seated in the dining hall, or if you’re holding a party you’ll head over to the private party room which can accommodate 130 diners.

Of course, the charm of Hibachi Grill & Buffet not only lies in its large space, the real hook comes from the amazing variety of food, the type of large almost overwhelming selection that you might only experience at a food show or exhibition. Boasting twelve buffet bars, the restaurant provides a repertoire of foods addressing the full range of the American palate. The “all-you-can-eat” buffet definitely has something for everyone.

Many restaurants address customer concern about greasy offerings with their approach: using no MSG, little oil, salt or other seasonings. It is the same with Hibachi. They even go a step further by providing steamed vegetables that aren’t drenched with sauces.

To further augment this concept, Tang hired a professional Japanese chef and added sushi, sashimi, and rolls in the restaurant to give customers more choices. The chef experimented with the rich and savory taste that is certainly of its own. 

Don’t skip the hibachi, the alluring aroma lingering in the restaurant will draw your attention, guiding you to the hibachi table, which is usually surrounded by a crowd of mesmerized people watching the chef perform incredible knife tricks. Owner Zongfa Tang strongly recommends the Hibachi Chicken, and Hibachi Fried Rice, which are two of the more popular dishes.