Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant


413Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, 07002-3636

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Cuisine:American-Chinese,Asian fusion


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About Yummy Yummy
From their name alone, you get the desire to try out the foods and services offered by this new restaurant that has already gained it's reputation for delicious Chinese food, that has now embraced the healthy aspects of Japanese cuisine. This bright and spotless and efficient new location in which to dine, is YUMMY YUMMY, located at 413 Broadway, between 18th and 19th Streets in Bayonne.
If you decide to eat in, you will find excellent service and help in deciding what to eat from the extensive menu. There is so much to choose from, that it could take you a lot of time to come to a decision, so the help you receive is invaluable. Most of us just love Chinese food. It's preparation and taste wets the appetite and we usually over-indulge. The help from the service people put your choices in place.
Now with the introduction of Japanese cuisine, your choices are so much more. From the popular California roll, to chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura, or some form of shshi or sashimi, these healthy foods are a pleasant supplement to the established Chinese food. Combination dishes in both cooking styles area good way to introduce you to a variety of the foods that are offered.
YUMMY YUMMY does a huge delivery business. Their foods are packed well and come to you steaming hot, just as if you were sitting in their dining room. Stop by the restaurant and pick up their take-out menus and keep them close at hand. You won't be disappionted. The expert chefs at YUMMY YUMMY, are trained both in Japanese and Chinese food ethics and the tastes are succulent. their catering service is also an intergral part of their business and their platters are eye-popping!
Whether you decide to eat at the new restaurant that can seat up to sixty diners, or if you wish to take-out your meal, you'll end up with some of the most delicious and fresh food in town. Satisty your palate with the interseting and tasty foods that are truly... YUMMY YUMMY.
Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant has earned a considerable fame in Bayonne’s Chinese food industry. It is well-known for its exquisite dishes with exclusively authentic flavors, acclaimed by large numbers of diners. In the dining section, the surroundings are elegant; partaking of traditional Chinese aesthetic value, with green plants, calligraphic scrolls and fine art paintings furnished everywhere. Each item on the menu is a reflection of time-honored Chinese culinary art. The diners are especially tempted by its traditional cuisines. The dining room is kept spotless and the décor is kept simple and inviting. Besides, the owner is really hospitable, so here guests can enjoy amiable service while tasting delectable foods.
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