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Reviewed by: Joy E. on: 1/10/2014 4:41:25 AM
Funny place the owner lady (I imagine) is so bossy lol a couple beside use ordered a lunch special and also wanted pot stickers as a side dish. The owner said no egg roll and won ton comes with lunch special he says I know but we want a side of egg rolls. She says no I don't care comes with lunch, so gentleman says ok ok. Food was just ok bland cashew chicken. Not much flavor, won't be back... She is rude and food isn't so good either blah
Reviewed by: Hog W. on: 10/26/2013 5:12:49 AM
Waited ten minutes to be seated in an empty restaurant. Gave up and left. Last trip it was a 30 min. wait for food, after our order was taken. The food is good once you get the chance to taste it. But not THAT good.
Reviewed by: Cris H. on: 9/16/2013 2:47:39 AM
I've been coming here for over 15 years & still love the food!!! Everything is delicious & service is great.
Reviewed by: Andrea B. on: 9/7/2013 10:11:21 AM
Delicious!!!! We came here by recommendation and loved it! James is the best waiter! He kept us laughing and his service was wonderful. We will be back!
Reviewed by: Vishnuprasad P. on: 6/13/2013 4:59:18 AM
On the way back to San Jose from LV we happened to visit this place.The food was extremely good and James was a very good host. As soon as he came to know that we had to travel till San Jose he packed us cookies (Almond and Fortune :)) . This was not the end .. It was birthday of one of our friend and he prepared a birthday plate with candle and cookies .. He even gifted Kitchen Cutlery to the birthday boy :) . This was one of the best experience we all had and will never forget it.
Reviewed by: Ann m. on: 3/16/2013 9:23:00 PM
Awesome menu! Place is casual. Staff super nice. Food is always fresh and tastes good, reasonable prices.
Reviewed by: Angela R. on: 2/6/2013 3:04:00 PM
Went here for lunch and ordered the sizzling rice soup and chicken with cashews. Soup was good for the cold weather. It contained water chestnuts, veggies and shrimp and topped with the "sizzling rice" which is basically cooked rice that was fried. The chicken with cashew was your standard dish, but I did appreciate that it had a good amount of cashews. If you want an affordable lunch place this it. They even have almond cookies for dessert that you don't usually find in Chinese places.
Reviewed by: Mimi J. on: 2/3/2013 4:58:00 AM
I may be a Bakersfield transplant, but I've been here 15 years and have started to consider this as close to a home town as I'm ever going to get. So how is it that EVERYBODY else in town eats here but has managed to keep this place a secret from me for this long? Well, the cat is sure out of the bag now!Just walking in the front door of Ching Yen is enough to send the more sensitive diners into sensory overload. Epileptics beware. The walls and ceiling are covered with brightly colored designs everywhere you look. ADHD people might have some issues, too, I think; the rest of us have plenty of things to look at to keep us occupied while we wait for the food.I've been eating in Chinese restaurants pretty much all my life, and we always order "family style"; we purchase a number of different dishes that go in the middle of the table and everybody shares. After reading the glowing Yelp reviews of Ching Yen I decided to be brave and try one of the preset meals for a change. My dinner companion and I ordered the number 4 which was around $16 per person for two or more people. Everything was still served family style, but there were a set number of dishes involved.They started us off with a HUGE bowl of sizzling rice soup. I kid you not, this would have been worth the drive across town all by itself. The bowl of broth arrives separately from the plate of rice which is then added - quite dramatically - to the broth. When the rice touches the broth there is a very loud sizzling sound. The sound is probably pure theatrics, but the taste is pure heaven. This is an absolute must have dish if you're eating here.The menu said that there would be an order of potstickers accompanying our meal. What arrived was a plate with a variety of appetizers including potstickers, egg rolls, and little foil triangles with tender spiced chicken. At least, I hope that was chicken ;~) - Just kidding.There were two main dishes - a snow white chicken and prawns Szechuan style. Neither dish was spicy but they were both tasty. The chicken dish had strips of tender white chicken breast with pea pods and a sauce that was smooth and buttery. The prawns were breaded and deep fried in a red sauce. The prawns were tossed with peppers but were not particularly spicy.Everything was served with a generous side of steamed rice and we received both fortune cookies and almond cookies at the end of the meal.This is definitely the best Chinese food I've had in Bakersfield so far.
Reviewed by: Gloria K. on: 1/8/2013 4:52:00 PM
Fantastic food and superb service at a reasonable price. There is a nice laid back atmosphere at this family-friendly restaurant. I absolutely recommend it.
Reviewed by: Cindymern on: 2011-12-09
Sue, the owner, always remembers you & what you order!!! The food is incredible!!! Sizzling rice soup & snow white chicken , my favorite!!!
Reviewed by: sdroux on: 2011-11-30
The vegetables are so fresh and good. They have been serving excellent food for many years.
Reviewed by: Christian on: 2011-11-10
If you want fresh amazing authentic Chinese food with one of the friendliest woman you have ever met come here you will get hooked just like me and every person I have ever brought here
Reviewed by: roz on: 2011-10-09
This is such a special place. Susie the owner is so fun and kind. She will fix anything special you ask for and all the food is fantastic.We have gone here for many years..always great fresh food.
Reviewed by: meyherabide on: 2011-09-20
Sue,co-owner,is most hospitable to her guests. She is a hard worker. All of their food that I've tried is very good. Her children,when not in school, are a big help.
Reviewed by: zombies6210 on: 2011-09-10
I love this place!Im Going today!
Reviewed by: Joyce on: 2010-08-17
Sizzling Rice Soup and Bean Curd Soup are the best! They will adapt menu and everything tastes excellent!Service is wonderful, too.Owners always greet you.
Reviewed by: Joyce on: 2010-08-17
Sizzling Rice Soup and Bean Curd Soup are the best! They will adapt menu and everything tastes excellent!Service is wonderful, too.Owners always greet you.
Reviewed by: ray11501 on: 2010-06-29
I have been going to Ching Yen for over 10 years and Susan knows exactly what I will order (combo). The food is great...none better...I love bringing people who have not been here before because they all say I can't wait to bring my spouse. The prices are also excelent.
Reviewed by: Eli on: 2010-06-21
Best Chinese food ever, lots of choices on menu, and every thing I have tried has been very very good. I have been going there for over 10 years and I am never disapointed.
Reviewed by: Ed Flores on: 2009-11-18
Wow this place doesn't look much, but the food is great! They hand you this massive plate with very tasty, good looking food! I've been there 4 times lately and I'm going back for more to try the rest of the menu. ...?
Reviewed by: Nic Kennelty on: 2009-04-15
All I can say is sizzling rice soup!!! Besides the fact that, that's just the begining. You get wat you pay for I haven't been there in years since I was young and nothing changed still the same great food, And alot of it. ...?

Ching Yen

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