Din Ho Chinese Bar-b-q


8557 Research Blvd #116, Austin, TX, 78758-7856

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Type:Full service



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Established in 2008 in Austin, TX, Din Ho Chinese Bar-B-Q is a comfortable local eatery. The unintimidating 3,500 square foot restaurant beats the competition because of its delicious food and convenient, easy-to-get-to location. The sheer size of Din Ho Chinese Bar-B-Q’s menu is astounding. Everything from Chinese cuisine, fruits, salads, and desserts are offered in portions both large and small. Customers come from all around willingly travel for the high quality food. While everything on Din Ho Chinese Bar-B-Q’s menu is guaranteed fresh and delicious, owner Mr. Ko most proudly boasts about the homemade seafood stock. The seafood stock is made from carefully selected seafood and used to flavor many of the restaurant’s dishes. Din Ho Chinese Bar-B-Q not only focuses on the quality of food, but also on customer service. “Satisfying customers is the foundation of my business,” Ko concludes. Moreover, Ko is currently in the process of reducing the sugar and salt content throughout his menu with his customers’ health in consideration.
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