18121 E Hampden Ave Unit D, Aurora, CO, 80013-3591 
Fast Food

Ever since opened in 2000, Joe Zhong has been running his restaurant, Little Panda, with the most satisfying service. The eatery is humble at 1,600 square feet and seats 30 people at most, but it is very big in heart. The restaurant mainly specialize in the take-out and delivery services, which is about 70% of the total business, dine-in is just added for good measures.


The top selling items on the menu are the Sesame Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Shrimp with Garlic Sauce, and Kung Pao Chicken, to name a few. “We are a Chinese restaurant, but all of our dishes have been Americanized, and even localized in taste. I hope what we serve can perfectly cater to locals’ taste buds,” boasts Joe. Healthy food is also available in Little Panda, the most popular dishes being the Mixed Vegetables and a variety of boiled and steamed dishes. “When customers have personal dietary requirements, they are often met. It’s our honor to satisfy them to the utmost,” adds Joe.


As a quick-service restaurant, prompt service is essential to keep competitive in the community. Customers choose take-out because they want to save time. Every staff member at Little Panda is well trained to keep this in mind and provide efficient service. On average, a take-out order can be finished less than 10 minutes, and a delivery service completed within 30 minutes.