1228 S Golden West Ave 
Arcadia, CA, 91007
Full service
Northeastern Chinese cuisine, Szechuan,

People drive to Red Door Hotpot Restaurant from all over to enjoy the cook-it-yourself house specialty, hot pot. A portable gas burner topped by a pot full of simmering flavored broth sits on the table, surrounded by plates of raw ingredients of your choice, such as thinly-sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons and seafood. Grab a piece of food with chopsticks, dip it in the boiling broth, when done dunk it in a complex dipping sauce.

Red Door Hotpot offers several kinds of hotpot, such as Manchurian Hotpot, and Chungking Mala (numb & spicy) Hotpot. The Manchurian Hotpot uses plenty of Suancai (Chinese sauerkraut) to make the pot’s stew sour; while the Chungking Mala Hotpot adds a special spice known as Huajiao (flower pepper), creating a sensation on the tongue that is both spicy and burns and numbs slightly. Red Door Hotpot is also famous for its home-style dishes, which are sure to satisfy those who crave for authentic yet delicious Chinese fare.

This decent establishment has received rave views from its patrons due to its excellence. One online reviewer says: “My new favorite hot pot place! Authentic. Lots of variety. Clean. Great sauces. Fresh ingredients. Great service. Been to all the hot pot places around and loving this newcomer.” Stop by and pay a visit when you’re in the mood for palatable Chinese food.