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605 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK, 99503

Type:Full service


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Ever since  Zhao bought the restaurant with a seating capacity of 100 in 2003, Panda Oriental Cuisine has been in the fast lane of development. Because its dishes are so well adapted to the local's preferred taste of hot an spicy, the restaurant is highly popular among its town's population. Every day, it receives a large number of takeout orders. It sometimes even caters for parties.

Panda Oriental Cuisine's menu never conforms to a specific Chinese regional flavor. Instead,  Zhao chooses to break the barriers within Chinese gastronomical culture and strives to find their perfect combinations with American tastes. Customers often find their tables presented with great and new variety of dishes each time.

A great restaurant is more than just good food.  Zhao always reminds his staff that attitude is everything and customers should be treated as friends. The positive customer relationship is  Zhao’s most valuable asset. He is now asking for support from his patrons, regulars, and first-timers to vote for Panda Oriental Cuisine as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA.

At the sixth Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards in 2009, Panda Oriental Cuisine won Top 100 Overall Excellence Award, which is ascribed to its flavorful food tastes, colorful dishes, attentive service of the wait staff and their passionate smile. Besides, the restaurant serves specially-cooked spicy dishes considered as the best choice for “spice addicts”. The décor is eye-pleasing with dining section designed comfortable and graceful. What is more, the owner is really enthusiastic about catering to the needs and preferences of the guests.
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