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Top100 Chinese Restaurants 7th Annual Awards Ceremony

Golden Globe, the Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards, was held at the Hyatt Airport in San Francisco. As celebrities walked the red carpet, their every move photographed by the paparazzi.

Bill Geist: “Johnny Depp isn’t here, but look! There’s celebrity chef Martin Yan. He has been on TV worldwide nearly 4,000 times and written 30 cookbooks. Angelina Jolie? Not here either, but there is media personality Theresa Lin, who is the Culinary Designer of Ang Lee’s film “Eat Drink Man Woman.”

“But the real superstars here are these restaurants and the food they serve.”

“With some 45,000 of these restaurants in the U.S., Chinese food is quickly becoming America’s Apple Pie; and, chances are, those who have tried General Tao’s chicken are just as numerous as those who have eaten Apple Pie.”

“And unlike the Golden Globes for entertainment, these categories involve food and restaurants. In the takeout category, for example, Ms. Wang was the winner.” 

Bill Geist: “Tell me, how do you fell right now? You just won!”

Ms. Wang: “Very excited!”

Bill Geist: “How do they judge the carry-out category?

Ms. Wang: “This award means that we have very good carry-out, and a very fast delivery.”

Bill Geist: “There was another category; the best Chinese buffet.”

Man Wang, who won the award for overall excellence: “This is like an Oscar Academy Award, you know. A ceremony where you walk down the red carpet. It’s a big deal.”

Bill Geist: “And do you feel like a star?”

Man Wang: “Oh yeah! At this moment, I am!”

Bill Geist: “The lifetime Achievement Award was presented to 91-year-old Cecilia Chiang.”

Cecilia Chiang: “The first time in America, I remember that everywhere we went, we could only get chop suey.”

Bill Geist: “Today, chop suey is the bane of Chinese cuisine.”

Chef Tony: “Asian food is sometimes too authentic for Americans. Like chicken feet.”

Bill Geist: “The Top 3 among 45,000 restaurants were announced under the category of the number one overall Chinese restaurant, and the winner was Michael Wei. He has been running his award-winning restaurant, Yang Ming Restaurant, located in Bryan Mawr, PA, for over 30 years.”

“What are you going to do with your award?”

Michael Wei: “Oh, I am very proud of this award. I will put this on the wall.”

Bill Geist: “How do you feel?”

Michael Wei: “I feel great!”

Bill Geist: “Do you feel like an Academy Award Oscar winner right now?”

Michael Wei: “Oh yeah!”

Bill Geist: “It’s great to see someone other than a movie star of pop singer get some recognition at a world show. Just one last question: Do you have chop suey on your menu?”

Michael Wei: “No! No!”