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Good food
Are you open for dine-in at this time?
Is your dining room open yet?
Oh my goodness - what a delicious lunch! It was safe an easy to pick up and so convenent! This was the best meal I've had in a while! The tofu's flavor and texture were perfect - the mei fun is awesome and the cream cheese wontons are both delicious and a great deal. I will definitely be back - thank you!!!
My order online was for cream cheese wontons, but the ticket was put in as fried wontons.
I ordered a few days ago and found the packaged face mask at the bottom on our bag. Thank you guys so much it's really a nice gesture and i really hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and a great next week. It was like a little care package and we understand the business cares about their community. Thank you again! This is the best restuarant on east 10 :)
Dear Manager, I am Sheila Thiam from and is looking forward for a sponsorship of any amount that in return we will promote your company, your products/ services to our web visitors. For payment, kindly transfer any amount to Sheila Thiam using Moneygram. Many thanks, Yours sincerely, Sheila Thiam Website Owner 0060-162938106
Do you offer senior discount? My mom is 86 but eats very little. Thank you Jim
Hello, I am messaging on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Health who is wondering if we could bring out 2 posters regarding covid-19 from 10/26-12/30. Please let me know if that would be ok! Thank You, Bryce
want to order
Are you interested in putting a coupon in the 2020 Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Guide? It's $300 for a 1/10 page, or $600 for a 1/5 page. Thanks, Meghan
i just placed an order and it is not even close to what i ordered. It’s pretty self explanatory on what was placed. I don’t understand on why there is a service like this if you can’t comprehend an easy order. frustrating