Chen's Wok


4861 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach, VA, 23455-2714
  • Minimum $10.00 for delivery.
  • Delivery for about 30 to 60 minutes

Type:Dine in,Take out,Fast Food,Delivery



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About Our Restaurant

Chen's Wok

Area of Restaurant: 1500 square meters
Offer: Take out, delivery, eat in
Cuisine:Szechuan Style, Hunan Style, Cantonese Style
Price Range: $2-$11
Reason to participate in Top100 Chinese Restaurants in USA:
Promote and improve the restaurant

Chen's Wok Briefing:
We specialize in offering takeout service. Having been in business for over 12 years, we keep paying precautious attention to the flavor and portion of dish as well as the sanitary condition. Adhering to the principle of "Reasonable price, various items of dishes, considerate service and great sanitary condition", we have won great reputation among customers.

Chen’s Wok is a time-honored take-out restaurant that has been making people happy for almost eight years. The restaurant was founded in 2002 and promises to fill orders in ten or fifteen minutes—they’ll even deliver to customers who live up to a forty-five-minute drive away. The main priority of the staff is to satisfy customers’ needs while also saving as much of their time as possible. The menu at Chen’s Wok offers an array of Szechuan, Hunan, Cantonese and other rotating Chinese dishes. Each item on the menu is a reflection of time-honored Chinese culinary art. The varieties of dishes offered are sure to cater to any taste bud. The owner, Mr. Jiang, has over a decade’s worth of restaurant management experience, and this is quite obvious while dining in Chen’s Wok. “Our dining environment is very good. All of my foods are very fresh, which guarantees a strict level of quality. That is why my restaurant gains customers’ word-of-mouth, and the entire restaurant is hygienic because we clean everyday.” He says, explaining the restaurant’s success.
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