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Opened in 2007, Panda One is a remodeled eatery and looks like just about any other restaurant in the surrounding area. The similarities stop there. Those who think having Chinese food means to eat cheaply at a low-end restaurant will be pleasantly surprised by their dining experience at Panda One.

To guarantee the superior quality of its dishes, Panda One sources its ingredients from a distribution company that provides the freshest vegetables and poultry. The white meat chicken is highly recommended by the owner Zhanfei Lin for its high quality and low fat content. In addition, the homemade sauces are well prepared making each dish spectacular.
Like other Chinese eateries, Panda One features a wide variety of dishes. Targeting the tastes of local diners, the owner modifies Chinese cuisine to create Chinese-American combinations. The top-selling dishes are General Tso’s Chicken, Broccoli Chicken, Orange Chicken and Mongolian Beef. While these dishes seem very standard at first glance, the chef has actually altered his cooking method to make these dishes healthier without sacrificing flavor. The secret sauce is derived from over ten years of experience and has been updated to keep up with changing customer tastes.

The healthy dining trend has enabled the restaurant to launch more fresh and healthy offerings. The steamed dishes and seasonal vegetables are provided and served with brown rice alongside dishes whenever diners request it.